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About Validoo

You as a retailer, wholesaler, or e-retailer want to be sure that the trade item information and images you receive from your suppliers are updated and accurate.

Follow GS1’s standard

You can do this by becoming a Validoo customer. With us, you’ll find hundreds of thousands of products and images from different industries gathered in a structured way according to GS1’s standard for trade item information.

We help you get quality assured trade item and image information that reaches all the way to the consumer. This means security and better business for everyone in the value chain.

Opportunities with Validoo

For you who are the recipient of information

  • You get digital information about products and images in one flow.
  • You receive auto validated trade item information in one and the same way from thousands of different suppliers.
  • You can feel secure that the trade item information from the supplier complies with GS1’s global standard.
  • Better sales in all channels with Validoo MediaStore that provide quality checked images and information on consumer products.
  • Better logistics, planning and transports with validation in Validoo Item.
  • Manual control in Validoo Q-Lab gives you high product data quality by ensuring a match between the digital information and physical sample.
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Services for Retailers and other Recipients

Validoo Item

Validoo Item

Validoo Item is our large, first level service for auto validated trade item information. With a subscription to Validoo Item, you get access to complete and automatically validated trade item information from your suppliers in one and the same flow.

Complete information

The information contains all trade item information the supplier has registered at consumer, retailer and pallet level. There are over 300,000 consumer items published in Validoo Item. The trade item information complies with GS1’s standard.

Subscribe to trade item information

You can access the information by activating subscriptions to the suppliers (GLN) you are interested in and then ask the supplier to send the trade item information to you.

When the supplier addresses you, you can take part of the information even before the product is launched. The Validoo Item service is used by many in the launch process.

Trade Item information from foreign suppliers

In addition to Swedish suppliers, you also have the possibility to receive trade item information from foreign suppliers connected to other data pools in the GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network).

In the technical Guidelines for Trade Item information, you can find out what attributes are available and which fields you want to use.

More about Validoo Item

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Validoo MediaStore

Validoo MediaStore

The service, Validoo MediaStore gives you access to all trade item information at consumer level as well as related product images.

One flow to all sales channels

Validoo MediaStore, stores and shares the digital product information that meets the consumer in your sales channels. Here, retailers, wholesalers and other recipients get a media bank with product images linked to the right product information – all in one and the same flow.

Product data and image bank

Our product data and image bank provides quality assured information on consumer products. Here you can subscribe to images and trade item information about products in the grocery industry, foodservice and pharmacy.

Quality assured product images

Subscribe to quality-assured product images for market and planograms linked to certain trade item information in Validoo Item. Before the image is shared, it has been manually checked in accordance with the industry’s quality assurance rules.

More about Validoo MediaStore

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Validoo Q-lab

Validoo Q-lab

Although the information automatically validated in Validoo Item is logically correct, it may prove that it does not match the sample to 100 percent.

A good checkpoint station

The only way to make sure the trade item information is correct is to compare it to the physical sample. The service, Validoo Q-lab, helps match the digital information with the actual product package. Here there is a manual check of 70 attributes in the trade item information that is published in Validoo Item.

Trade Item and food product data

Validoo Q-Lab quality assures key attributes in the trade item information and gives feedback on the result of the review. For products where it is relevant, Validoo Q-lab also checks whether the Food & Beverage information matches the product sample.

Services that work together

After feedback, the supplier has the opportunity to adjust any errors to ensure that the trade item information is correct. To access the results in Validoo Q Lab, you must subscribe to Validoo Item, the service with which the supplier has previously sent you the trade item information.

More about Validoo Q-lab

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How many suppliers are using Validoo’s services?

There are about 2 400 leverantörer currently using our services. New suppliers are signing up every day. In the customer lists you can easily see if suppliers you are interested in are connected to Validoo.

Customer lists with connected suppliers

Use the contact form at the bottom of the page if you need our help with how to find and contact suppliers that are not connected to Validoo yet.

Get started with Validoo

The journey to a quality assured existence

  • First, make sure that there is a GS1 Company Prefix (number series) for your company. If you subscribe to GS1 Company Prefix you automatically have a localization number (GLN) to identify you as a buyer in Validoo.
  • Order a GS1 Company Prefix from GS1 Sweden if you do not already have it.
  • Use the form to contact us regarding the service you are interested in. We will help you get started and sign agreements.
  • When you have signed an agreement, get help from the Connection Guidelines to get started.

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