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Validoo Item Autovalidering
Automatic validation of your trade item and logistics information.
Sharing information to all your sales channels in one process.
Validoo Item GS1 standard
Complies with industry-wide GS1 standard for trade Item information.

About Validoo Supplier

Validoo Supplier helps suppliers validate, store and share trade item information and product images. You can use the service to manage your product range digitally, and to share information with other markets.

Automated validation of trade item information and product images

Product and logistics information that you publish will be auto-validated before being shared with your recipients. This way you can be sure that the data is relevant and follow’s the GS1 standard. Validoo functions as a data pool within the global GDSN® network, which gives all markets real-time access to the same data.

Product data and image bank for your digital product range

Validoo acts as your media bank, where you can easily upload and share your product images. If you need to share product marketing and planogram images, Validoo will help you quality-assure them and link them to their trade item information before they are visible in your customers’ sales channels.

Quality assurance of trade item information and product images

Information recipients often need to rely on a third party to verify that images and data comply with industry standards. This means that trade item information and product images must be quality-assured. Our specialists will help you do just that, by manually quality-assuring your products according to industry rules.

How it works

Higher product quality

Within Swedish retail and consumer goods, the quality of your product is directly linked to the quality of its data. This is where Validoo comes in.

Validoo has a web-based interface that will help you ensure that the trade item information and images you share with your customers follow global and Swedish guidelines.

Validated information

Validoo stores the latest version of your trade item information and, once it is successfully validated, shares it with retailers, grossists, online retailers and other recipients who have set up subscriptions to your data.

The system will also help you check that trade item information follows specific validation rules, if your recipient has chosen to activate any.

Quality assurance

Product images

The consumer goods industry in Sweden has chosen to follow the GS1 standard for product images, which has clear guidelines for image quality, angles, and metadata.

Before marketing and planogram images are made available to your customers, they undergo a manual quality-assurance process that helps ensure that they meet quality standards. The images will then be able to be used for online shopping, shelf-planning and marketing.

Trade item information

Quality assurance of trade item information means that a specialist manually compares your digital trade item information with a physical product sample, a prototype or print original.

These checks assist data recipients who rely on a third party to ensure that product data is correct. Quality-assured trade item information is used for product range revisions, logistics planning, and in consumer sales channels.

How it works

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Nearly 3,000 companies use Validoo as an information hub for product data. Product information recipients include actors in the consumer goods and food service industries, apothecaries, Systembolaget, and other industries. Here is a complete list of customers.

Get started with Validoo

This is what you need

  • A GLN (Global Location Number) from GS1 Sweden to identify your company.
  • A GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) to identify your products.
  • A GS1-verified system to provide trade item information or a system-to-system integration between your internal system and Validoo.

Price list

Annual subscription fee starting at: 800 SEK
Annual revenue Subscription fee
0–3 MSEK 800 SEK
3–10 MSEK 1,900 SEK
10–25 MSEK 3,800 SEK
25–100 MSEK 5,600 SEK
100–500 MSEK 11,500 SEK
500–1 000 MSEK 17,400 SEK
1–5 MDSEK 23,000 SEK
5–10 MDSEK 28,500 SEK
10 MDSEK 39,000 SEK

Annual publishing fee

Applies when an image is published

Number of GTINs with published images Publishing fee per GTIN
1-75 295 SEK
76-150 195 SEK
151-300 140 SEK
301-700 75 SEK
> 700 0 SEK

Quality assurance of trade item information and images

Applies at quality-assurance order placement. See the full price list

Type of quality assurance Fee per quality assurance Additional fee for Express
Product information and measurements 550 SEK per GTIN 325 SEK
Barcodes 200 SEK per performed inspection 325 SEK

Connection, system-to-system

Invoiced upon order and set up, configuration or change of existing system-system connection. One-time fee per connected system, channel and GLN.

Price Unit
Connection 10 000 SEK per channel and GLN


Subscription fee

  • A yearly fee is charged for subscriptions to Validoo Supplier. The fee is paid in advance and is set according to your company’s annual turnover. Annual turnover is collected from Creditsafe in connection with the annual invoicing, which means that the fee is usually based on reported annual sales from two years ago. When the agreement is signed, the fee for the first year is determined based on the number of remaining months in the year. After that, fees cease to be assessed at the start of each year, and subscriptions then begin to apply per calendar year.

Publishing fee

  • An annual fee for published images will be charged at the beginning of each calendar year. The fee amount is set based on number of GTINs with published images on December 31st of the particular year.New customers will be invoiced their yearly fee the month after the first publishing, but the fee will be reduced since it only covers the remaining months of the year.
  • A monthly fee will be charged when new GTINs with images get published.

Examples of publishing fees:A company has 250 GTINs. The annual service fee is calculated as follows:

(75×295) + (75×195) + (100×140) = 50,750 SEK

Number of GTINs with published images Fee per GTIN Total
1–75 295 SEK 22,125 SEK
76–150 195 SEK 14,625 SEK
151–300 140 SEK 14,000 SEK
50,750 SEK

A maximum fee of 87,750 SEK applies for more than 700 GTINs.

Quality assurance fee

  • A transaction fee is applied when images and trade item information have undergone a manual quality check
  • Additional fees for Express services and re-orders are available on the quality-assurance page (information is in Swedish)

Connection fee (system-to-system)

  • Connection fee for system-to-system communication is charged per new / changed connection and information provider (GLN), and channel. Each connection requires a GLN and costs SEK 10,000 ex VAT. Connections are charged at the time of connection set-up or change, after which the connection is free of charge. More information about connections can be found here


Applies indefinitely. The agreement can be cancelled at any time and ceases to apply at the end of the calendar year.

About the service:

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