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Service for quality assurance and sharing of images and product data

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Validoo MediaStore bild och databibliotek
Online media bank for trade item information and images.
Validoo MediaStore delning
Automatic sharing to all sales channels: Store, online, apps, e-commerce etc.
Validoo MediaStore kvalitetssäkrad information
Quality assured images based on GS1's standard.

About Validoo MediaStore

Validoo MediaStore check quality, stores and shares product images for marketing and planograms linked to trade item information in Validoo Item.

Suppliers providing the industry with quality assured image and trade item information directly through Validoo MediaStore, can in an instance get their product information out to the physical marketplaces and online channels.

Checks quality, stores and shares

Checking the quality is necessary to maintain a high level of the industry´s images and product data. And a verification of the quality of the images which is accepted by retailers and other recipients of your information.

The product image you want to quality assure can be produced in Validoo’s photo studio or with the help of another photographer.

Validoo’s photo studio

In our state-of-the-art photo studio, photographers, 3D artists and editors are working to turn your product samples into selling product images.

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Our specialists’ quality assures product images, by manually checking the image in accordance with quality assurance rules, created by the grocery industry.

Product data and image bank for your product range

Once the image has passed the quality assurance, it is linked to the product’s trade item information and uploaded into Validoo MediaStore, our media bank for product data and images. From here it is shared with your Swedish and foreign recipients.

In Validoo MediaStore you can manage and update your product range as well as download pictures, ready product information sheets and planogram reports.

Three steps to better data quality

Validoo MediaStore, autovalidering
Your product image is automatically validated.
Validoo MediaStore, kvalitetssäkring
Your product image is manually quality assured.
Validoo MediaStore, delning
Your image and data are shared to the
recipient in MediaStore.

How it works

  1. You have a Validoo-account and an agreement for Validoo Item and Validoo MediaStore.
  2. You have a product image photographed for marketing or planogram.
  3. You log in to Validoo and order the quality check.
  4. Your image will be automatically validated when uploaded. You will be notified immediately if the image does not match the requirements and you can then correct and upload a new image if necessary.
  5. A manual quality assurance is done after the automatic validation which means that our specialists check over 20 image quality rules, metadata, and that the object in the image complies with the trade item information in Validoo Item.
  6. The images are uploaded to Validoo MediaStore for your approval. They can also be published instantly if you activate automated publishing.
  7. The images are published in Validoo MediaStore and are shared to your recipients.

Details on how the service works and how to get started can be found here:

question_answerService Description

Why quality check an image?

Quality-assured images and associated trade item information is used everywhere where the product is marketed, for example in web shops, stores and in advertising. When the right product image is linked to the right product information an effective image management process will be created and that will help your product out on the market faster.

Tutorial from Validoo’s photo studio shows how product images are quality assured.

The image is most important when there is a product launch. Recipients (stores and others) need information about new products early in the launch process to plan store shelves and promotions. Quality assurance is part of their evaluation, and can determine if the product is to be included in the range or not.

In most cases, the recipients need the quality-assured images (market and planogram) no later than seven weeks before the product is launched. However, it may vary depending on the ECR Trade Window

When are the revision weeks for your category?

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What the manual check corrects

Manual quality assurance means our specialists review over 30 rules for market and planogram images. Here we check the image quality, metadata, and that the object of the image is consistent with the trade item information.

The image object is consistent with the trade item information

Here we check that the correct image is uploaded. Our specialists review whether GTIN, product description, brand, and package size of the image object complies with the trade item information you published in Validoo Item.

Review of the image metadata

Here is reviewed that the metadata in the image file is entered (for example, the angle of the image). We check that all entered attributes follow the rules and help you correct the metadata.

Review of image quality

The final step in quality assurance involves checking the image quality. Here we assure that the image is professionally photographed and properly cropped. We also check that the correct clipping path is used so that the seller of your product can add the image object to another background, such as in a web shop or a flyer.

Who uses Validoo MediaStore?

Are you delivering your product to retailers, wholesalers or other recipients in need of product images and data? In that case, quality-assured images are mandatory. Here is a complete list of companies using Validoo MediaStore.

Price list Validoo MediaStore

Price per year from 295 SEK
Number of GTINs with published images Fee per GTIN
1-75 295 SEK
76-150 195 SEK
151-300 140 SEK
301-700 75 SEK
> 700 0 SEK

About prices

Annual service fee

For Validoo MediaStore, an annual service fee is charged, which is governed by the number of GTINs with published images. The fee is charged at the beginning of each calendar year and is based on the number of GTINs with published images on December 31st.

When new GTINs with images is published, or when the first publication is made for new customers, an invoice will be sent for the annual service fee, the month after the publication.

You always pay for the months you use the service, which means a reduced annual service fee on some occasions. For publication, in for example July month, the first annual service fee will be halved, which is shown as a discount in percent on the invoice

A Price example for Validoo MediaStore

If a company has 250 GTIN the annual service fee will be:

(75×295) + (75×195) + (100×140) = 50 750 SEK

Number of GTINs with published images Fee per GTIN TOTAL
1–75 295 SEK 22 125 SEK
76–150 195 SEK 14 625 SEK
151–300 140 SEK 14 000 SEK
50 750 SEK

If more than 700 GTIN the maximum fee is always 87 750 SEK.

Variable fee: Quality check

Package Fee Unit
Quality Check Image 125 SEK per image
Quality Check Image PLUS 325 SEK per image

Quality Check Image

When you do a quality check of images, you can upload images for market and planogram. The quality and information of the images are checked so they are in accordance with the quality assurance rules. If an image is not approved, ask your photographer to correct and upload again, or place an order for editing of the image.

Quality Check Image PLUS

Our PLUS service means that you only need to upload your image. We correct it to match your recipients’ requirements for image quality. For example, we edit color, light and contrast, as well as dust and scratches. Quality Check Image PLUS is for those who want to correct errors to the image that are not technical photographic errors.

Additional service for planogram information

Validoo Planogram helps suppliers and stores to streamline sales through careful planning of the digital store shelf, created in Space Management program.

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Lead times

Lead times for quality assurance apply to weekdays from the time that image is linked to order.

arrow_forwardOpening hours

Term of agreement

Valid until further notice. Agreements can be terminated at any time and the termination will be valid at the end of the calendar year.