Validoo Item

First level service to share validated trade item information to all sales channels

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Validoo Item Autovalidering
Automatic validation of your trade item and logistics information.
Sharing information to all your sales channels in one process.
Validoo Item GS1 standard
Complies with industry-wide GS1 standard for Trade Item information.

About Validoo Item

Validoo Item is our major first-level service that helps you store, share and auto validate hundreds of attributes in your product’s trade item and logistics information. Validoo Item is included in all Validoo service packages and complies with GS1’s global standard.

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How it works

Higher quality for your products

In the Swedish grocery industry, the quality of your product is largely determined by the quality of its data. This is where Validoo enters the picture.

Validoo helps you check, manage and share your digital trade item information and your images, both in stores and online.

Validoo Item will help you make sure that the trade item information you submit and send to the companies that sell your product, complies with global and Swedish product data quality rules. These rules are updated two to three times a year.

Adapted to each recipient

Validoo Item also checks that the trade item information follows specific validation rules if your recipients have chosen to enable such rules. Receiver-specific rules can for example be limit values for maximum pallet height or maximum weight for a product.

Auto-validated to the right place

Validoo Item stores the latest version of submitted trade item information, and after approved validation, sends the trade item information to retailers, e-merchants, and other recipients who have subscribed. If you need to make changes to your trade item information, it will appear in your validation report.

But what about images?

For quality assurance of images, check out Validoo MediaStore. Or read about the entire offer from our photostudio and our guide on how to succeed with your product images.

Who uses Validoo Item?

Validoo is used by virtually the entire Swedish grocery industry, as well as pharmacies and Foodservice sector. About 2,000 companies, suppliers, retailers, e-merchants and others in the industry who need auto validated trade item information about products, use the service Validoo Item. Here you can see the complete customer list.

The trade item information is displayed here

The trade item information from Validoo Item is published on a variety of locations and areas along the entire flow of goods. Here you can see some examples.

Validoo Item, pris
On labels in store.
When scanning.
Validoo Item, Manuell Disk
Prices at bulk sale.
Validoo Item, E-com
Online and e-commerce.
Validoo Item, förpackning
On packaging
Validoo Item, Beställning
When ordering.

Get started with Validoo Item

This is what you need

  • A Validoo-account.
  • GLN (Global Location Number) with GS1 Sweden.
  • GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) on your products.
  • A GS1-verified system where you enter your trade item information.

More about the service

More details about how the service works and how to get started can be found here:

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Price list

Fixed price / year from 800 SEK
Annual turnover Annual service fee
0–3 MSEK 800 SEK
3–10 MSEK 1 900 SEK
10–25 MSEK 3 800 SEK
25–100 MSEK 5 600 SEK
100–500 MSEK 11 500 SEK
500–1 000 MSEK 17 400 SEK
1–5 MDSEK 23 000 SEK
5–10 MDSEK 28 500 SEK
10 MDSEK 39 000 SEK

About prices

Annual service fee

For Validoo Item, an annual service fee is charged when the agreement is signed. The fee ais paid in advance and is based on the company’s annual turnover.

The date of the signing of the agreement, in other words, the number of remaining months of the year, determines the first annual service fee. In the case that the agreement is signed in, for example July, the first annual service fee will be halved, which is shown as a discount in percent on the invoice.

Term of agreement

Valid until further notice. Agreements can be terminated at any time and the termination will be valid at the end of the calendar year.

If you already have an agreement with another GS1 organization than GS1 Sweden

Your annual service fee for Validoo Item is 5 600.

This is how it works

To send product information via Validoo Item:

1) Enter Trade Item Information according to GS1`s standard

Enter the information in the system your company has chosen, in accordance with GS1’s standard for Trade Item information.

2) Check your information

You can check that the information is entered correctly and in accordance with GS1´s standard for Trade Item information by publishing the information to Validoo Item´s test buyer. Validoo Item validates the information and sends back a validation report that shows if the information is correct.

3) Ask your recipients to create subscriptions

A company that wants to receive product information must actively create subscriptions in Validoo Item. The subscription is made either for a supplier’s entire product range or for parts of the range.

Therefore, contact your recipients when your agreement with Validoo Item is complete. If the recipient has not created a subscription for you range, Validoo Item will not send the information to them even if you have sent the trade item information to that particular recipient.

4) Send the information to your recipients

Validoo Item checks the information according to GS1’s Trade Item information standard and sends back a validation report that shows if it is correct.

If the information is correct, Validoo Item sends the information to the selected recipient. If the information is not correct or complete, it must be corrected and sent again. Only approved product information is sent to the recipients.


Create information according to GS1´s standard:


About the service:

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