Validoo DataEntry

Web based system for entering trade item information in Validoo

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Validoo DataEntry system fylla i
Helps you enter, edit, and share trade item information.
Validoo DataEntry system spara tid
An effective and time-saving way to manage your information.
Validoo DataEntry verifierat system
Verified system for trade item information according to GS1's standard.

About Validoo DataEntry

To send trade item information via Validoo you need a GS1-verified input system in which you digitally enter all data.

Verified system

There are several verified systems in the market to choose from. Regardless of which system you choose, it must be GS1-verified. This means that it complies with GS1’s global standard for trade item information.

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Our own option

Validoo DataEntry is our own GS1-verified and web-based system to enter and send trade item information to retailers, wholesalers and other recipients via Validoo.

Opportunities with Validoo DataEntry

Validoo DataEntry makes it possible to enter and send trade item information to your recipients via Validoo. Using the system, you can easily edit your trade item information and create templates for products similar to each other. Since you are already logged in to Validoo, the information you choose to publish will be instantaneous validated.

You can:

  1. Enter new trade item information and send it to recipients subscribing to information from Validoo.
  2. Maintain existing trade item information by updating when necessary.
  3. Create templates for products similar to each other.
  4. Save trade item information that is not yet completed.
  5. Receive help-notifications if the information is insufficient or incorrect, based on validation rules.
  6. Publish trade item information to recipients in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and other countries connected to other data pools within GDSN.

Customers in Sweden who can receive your information

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Get started in three steps

  1. Sign up for Validoo or login.
  2. Order Validoo DataEntry while logged in to Validoo.
  3. Enter and send trade item information to your customers / recipients in Validoo.

Or simply switch from your current system.

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More about Validoo DataEntry

Details on how the system works is available here.

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Price list Validoo DataEntry

Following fees are included:

  • Fee for publication of new items – billed the month after publication and counted down with the number of remaining months of the year. (For example, six months fee is charged for articles published in July).
  • Annual fee for all published articles – invoiced at the beginning of the year.

Fees are based on anual turnover combined with the number of published trade items at base level. Read more in GS1 guideline for trade item information. Annual turnover is collected from Creditsafe in connection with annual invoicing, which means that the fee is usually based on reported annual sales from two years ago. 

Variable fee per GTIN for 1–25 articles 900 SEK

Annual Turnover> 10 MSEK

Number of products Annual fee per product
1–25 st 900 SEK
26–700 st 125 SEK
> 700 st 0 SEK

When more than 700 products, the maximum amount is 106 875 SEK.

Annual turnover 3-10 MSEK

Number of products Annual fee per product
1–10 st 900 SEK
> 10 st 0 SEK

Annual turnover < 3 MSEK

Number of products Annual fee per product
1–3 st 900 SEK
> 3 st 0 SEK


If a company with a turnover of more than 3 MSEK signs an agreement in February 2018 and publishes its articles as below:

(a) Fee for publication

Charged the month after publication

Fee February May September
10*900 9000 SEK * 11÷12
10*900 9000 SEK * 8÷12
5*900 4500 SEK * 4÷12
15*125 1875 SEK * 4÷12

(b) Annual Fee

Provided you maintain the same number of published items, an annual fee is charged next year according to the same step-by-step model:

25*900 22 500 SEK
15*125  1875 SEK
 24 375 SEK

Operational information and development

  • Validoo DataEntry complies with GS1´s standard for trade item information.
  • New or changed functionality in Validoo DataEntry is developed and launched on demand. The changes are planned and prioritized based on complexity, customer demand and customer benefit. There are no fixed launch dates.
  • Validoo DataEntry is normally in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, operation is sometimes unattended during certain times and disturbances during these times may occur. In addition, operational disturbances may also occur on other occasions due to maintenance or similar measures.
  • Customer support is available Monday-Friday during office hours.