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Validoo produktfotografering fotograf
With professional product photography, your image will be approved in Validoo.
Validoo produktfotografering quality assured
Quality-assured product images according to GS1's standard for images.
Validoo produktfotografering delning
Images for all sales channels: Online, stores, product sheets, flyers etc.

Sales promoting and high quality product photography

Product photography for marketing and planograms generates images used throughout the journey towards a product launch. Images has a huge impact on consumer’s purchase decisions – not the least in e-commerce where it is crucial. In order for your product image to be accepted by retailers and e-merchants, it needs to meet a range of quality requirements defined by the industry.
In this post, you can read more about our photographer’s best tips and advice on how to successfully meet the requirements for product images.

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How product photography works

The photographers in our studio ensure that all technical image requirements and guidelines are met to enable you to sell or market the product in store and online (store, e-commerce, apps, digital grocery bags, labels, etc.).

During photography, professional equipment and lighting are used to give the image perfect colour-balance. Once the photographer is done, the market and planogram images are handed over to an editor. Thereafter, the images are reviewed and quality assured before uploaded in Validoo. You accept the delivery and you are then ready to start selling you product.

You can of course use Validoo MediaStore only for quality assurance, if you have chosen to work with another photo studio or editor.

From sample to image

Product is photographed in a studio by experienced photographers.
Product image is edited by professional editors.
Image is quality assured and uploaded in Validoo MediaStore.

How product images are used in grocery stores.

Product images are used offline and online at many locations during the product’s journey towards launch and when sales are up and running.

produktbild på produktblad
Product sheet for sales presentations.
Produktfotografering, retail, hyllplanering
Space Management
Produktfotografering reklamblad
Advertising and marketing.
Produktfotografering ecom
E-commerce and online.
Produktfotografering skylt
Display in store.
Produktfotografering självscanning
When self-scanning

Product photography of groceries

When you use the service, you will get

  • 1 market image.
  • 1-3 planogram images.
  • Photography in a studio environment.
  • Quality assurance according to GS1’s standard and guidelines for Validoo.
  • Upload in Validoo.

How to place an order

  1. Check that the trade item information connected with the image, is updated in Validoo.
  2. Select a sample that is in good condition. Guide: How to choose a sample
  3. Log in to Validoo and place the order.
  4. You send your product sample to the photo studio; the address is on the delivery note.
  5. Product photographers and studio staff photograph and edit.
  6. Your photos are quality assured and uploaded in Validoo.
  7. You approve the images for publication in Validoo MediaStore.

What is the cost for product photography?

Fixed price / product 830 SEK
Task Fee Unit
Product Photography 830 SEK product
Editing included
Quality assurance included
Upload in Validoo included

This is included

Service included included included Lead Time
Product Photography 1 image for marketing 1-3 images for planogram Quality Assurance 5–10 days

Lead Time

Lead times for production applies for weekdays from the time we receive the product.

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Special photography and large volumes

Contact the photo studio if you want to photograph large volumes or special photo assignments that differs from regular photography.

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High quality and standardized images

Product images we produce comply with technical guidelines and quality assurance rules for Validoo and are based on GS1 Product image Specification Standard, which is a GS1 standard for digital images linked to products identified with a GS1 article number.

How we photograph for different markets

We follow the guidelines for different markets, as described in our photo manuals:

question_answerRetail in Norway
question_answerMobile Ready Hero Images