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The Special Request Photo Assignment are for those who want help with image concepts that are a little bit outside of the box compared to standardized product photography. You may want to create new promotional images for a campaign, layout for a brochure or inspirational images for an article?

Our photographers have extensive experience in product, advertising and food photography. We help you with ideas, creativity and take care of your entire production. Come and take the photo in our photo studio or let our mobile studio come to you.

Images outside the box

We are professionals on standardized product images, but we will be glad to help you when you need images that are outside the box.

Advertising images
Tray or platter images
On-location images

Inspirational images

We help you place your product in a context that inspires customers and consumers (such as tray, platters and serving suggestions). We develop image concepts for recipe folders, articles, catalogues, sales presentations, annual reports, etc.

Promotional Images

Promotional photography where we produce product and food images for advertisements, signs, packaging designs, brochures, web pages, digital advertising, etc.


Do you want to photograph large / bulky products or Expo pallets? Our mobile photo team will come and help you photograph on-site.

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In our photo gallery you can find examples of images for different markets.

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