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Product images for E-commerce in mobile
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Support elements that visualize information
Design according to global guidelines

Product images customized for mobile

Mobile ready hero images contain design elements that clarify important information about your product at online purchases. The mobile has become the first choice of device for the online consumer and it is often here they have their first contact with your product. Consumers in the mobile phone want to quickly purchase their favourite products from your digital shelf, without having to zoom in text and images.

Product images adapted for small screens can help the consumer to quickly identify important information such as; product type, size, taste and quantity in the package. These types of images can provide significant increases in sales compared to traditional online product images (SKIM research, Dec 2014, Consumer Study with 3000 participants).

Mobilanpassade hero-bilder studie
Mobile Ready Hero Images (MRHI) were tested live against conventional product images in an A / B split test at four UK dealers. MRHI showed positive sales growth for all categories above. (Photo borrowed from Unilever and University of Cambridge)

Guidelines for Mobile Ready Hero Images (MRHI)

The Mobile Ready Hero Images (MRHI) guidelines for the Swedish grocery market have been developed by the Media Reference Group and is based on GS1’s ongoing work in the International workgroup that develops global MRHI guidelines. The workgroup includes the University of Cambridge and Unilever UK, which conducted studies, eye tracking and A / B tests where mobile ready hero images were tested against conventional online product images.

question_answerGuidelines Mobile Ready Hero Images

Four attributes for identification

  1. Brand
  2. Product Type (Product Description, e.g. Shampoo or Juice)
  3. Variant (e.g. “dry hair” or “orange”)
  4. Pack size / content (e.g. 500 gr or 20 pieces)

If necessary, an additional attribute may be used to clarify the identification of the variant or size (see example below).

Design Examples

Mobilanpassade hero-bilder fyra attribut
Four attributes on-pack and one extra to enhance size
Mobilanpassade hero-bilder yoghurt
Contents can be displayed by lifting the lid
Mobilanpassade hero-bilder multipack
Attribute enhanced on-pack on multi-pack


Production time and price depends on the type of packaging and decor. Contact the photo studio and you will get a quotation.

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How we photograph for different markets

We follow the guidelines for different markets, as described in our photo manuals:

question_answerRetail in Norway
question_answerMobile Ready Hero Images