CGI, Computer Generated Images

Digitally produced product images with an authentic photo feeling

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Validoo CGI datorgenererade produktbilder
Computer generated images created without a physical sample
Validoo CGI 3D
Professional 3D artists create photo-realistic product images
Validoo CGI delning
Quality assured images for all sales channels

What is CGI?

Computer Generated Images

Do you need product images but don´t have any samples? CGI (Computer Generated Images) are completely digitally generated images for those who want to sell their product but don´t have a physical sample. With the help of computer generated technology, our 3D artists create market and planogram images of the highest quality. All you need to do is send an artwork and the product’s dimensions to the Validoo Photo Studio, and we will fix the rest.

Same 3D model

For several product images

Producing CGI images is extra valuable and time saving for those with several items of the same packaging model, for example, variant based trade items with different flavours. You pay a one-time fee to get the 3D model (shape of the package) and then we adapt labels and visible content to existing 3D model.

Olika CGI-bilder från samma 3D-modell
Different CGI images from the same 3D model.

Image Examples

Here are some examples of photorealistic product images that Validoo photo studio created using CGI technology.

Plastic package with pump.
Glass bottle with relief and liquid contents.
Expo pallet with drinks.
Bag with seal.
Pet bottle with plastic cork and liquid contents.
Tube in soft plastic.

How it works

We use the 3D model as a base and then we dress your package with content.

CGI, 3D-modell
Illustration of 3D model dressed with label and content.

1) CGI image including 3D modelling

Create a packaging model from scratch

Based on your artwork, we build a 3D model of your packaging that we then dress with content and label. You get a ready product image for market or planogram. Production time and price depends on the type of packaging and decor.

This is included

Service Included Included Included Price
3D-model and CGI image Production of packaging model 1 product image for marketing Quality assurance One-time fee (quotation)

2) CGI image on existing 3D model

Create new packaging design based on your 3D model.

If you already have created a packaging model you can use it to produce market and planogram images with different designs, for example different flavours.


Production time and price for CGI image depends on the type of packaging and decor. Contact the photo studio and you will get a quotation.

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Price per product Request
Execution Fee Unit
1 CGI-image, marketing or planogram quote image
Editing included
Quality assurance included
Upload in Validoo included

Lead times

Lead times for production applies for weekdays, from receiving the artwork or reference image.

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How we photograph for different markets

We follow the guidelines for different markets, as described in our photo manuals:

question_answerRetail in Norway
question_answerMobile Ready Hero Images