Support: Quality Assurance Trade Item Information

Here you will find answers to the most frequent questions about manual check of trade item information.

How to order a quality assurance of trade item information

Quality assurance of trade item information entails that a specialist manually checks your digital trade item information with a physical product sample, prototype or print original. A manual check is the only way to ensure that information provided is correct and follow GS1’s standard for trade item information.

How it works

  1. You have a Validoo account and an agreement for the Validoo Supplier service.
  2. You log into Validoo and order a quality assurance.
  3. You sent your product sample to the address on the delivery note within five work days.
  4. Validoo ensures that 70 attributes in the trade item information for the product sample you have sent us are in agreement with the GS1 standard for trade item information.

  1. To order quality assurance, you need the supplier agreement Validoo Supplier
  2. Before ordering, you must have sent item information through Validoo in the system you have chosen to fill in the information.
  3. Log in to Validoo and go to “My Products” in the left menu. Click on “Book” for each product you want to order. Then go to the Shopping Cart to confirm your booking.

It is you and your buyer who agree on which levels in your product hierarchy that need quality assurance. Validoo quality-assures the levels you make a booking for. Physical product samples that weigh more than 15 kg can not be received, and therefore it is not possible to book quality assurance of measurements for example a pallet.

In general, it is a good idea to quality-assure the orderable level in the trade item hierarchy and all levels below.

For example: You are supplying cartons with juice to your customers, and each carton contains a certain number of three-packs with juice. For complete quality assurance of the trade item information, you need to place orders on the carton (provided it does not weigh more than 15 kg), the three-pack and the consumer packaging.

It is important that the products come to Validoo in good condition. If a label has been damaged in the transport and the barcode cannot be scanned correctly, the quality assurance will not be approved. If the product has been squashed, the dimensions in the trade item information may not be correct. Therefore, pack your samples thoroughly.

In order for Validoo to match a product sample with your booking, it is important that the delivery note you receive while confirming the booking, is printed and sent with the sample. If you have missed printing the delivery note when booking, you can do so afterwards if you go to the “Booking History” tab.

Also, note that:

  • If you pack your sample in some form of transport packaging, remember to label the outer packaging with your company name and GLN (as stated on the delivery note)
  • If any of the samples that are to be quality assured (outer packaging and/or consumer packaging) lack barcode, you need to mark them with the GTIN specified in the trade item information
  • If the product sample is missing a delivery note or if the delivery note does not match the product sample, it may take longer before quality assurance can begin.
  • Send the sample with delivery to Validoo’s gate, for example with “Postens företagspaket” or carrier. Validoo is unable to retrieve packages from an external delivery point.
  • Chilled and frozen products should be transported with refrigerated transport, if there is a risk that measurements will change during transport or that the packaging is otherwise destroyed. Unfortunately, Validoo cannot return chilled or frozen samples since quality assurance is carried out at room temperature and we cannot guarantee an unbroken cooling chain.

Validoo quality assures entered trade item information and barcodes against a sample product (physical or digital) according to a set of quality assurance rules, which have been developed with the help of Validoo’s reference groups. The rules are based on GS1’s standards and regulations.

Many attributes, for example ingredient list, are quality assured based on the 1:1 principle, i.e. that the specified value corresponds exactly to what is stated on the product sample. For other attributes, there may be a rule of the type “if there is x indicated on the package, x must be specified in the trade item information”.

Validoo helps you make sure that all trade item information that needs to be entered really has been entered, and correctly. Validoo also measures and weighs physical samples to ensure that the specified value corresponds to the sample within a certain tolerance.

Read the Quality Assurance Rules to see exactly which attributes are quality assured and how this is done.

Your buyer needs information about new products early in the launch process to begin their internal work. Quality assurance is part of their evaluation if the product is to be included in their range or not.

Normally, buyers need quality assured trade item information no later than six weeks before the product will be launched, but it may differ depending on the buyer and product range. Check the ECR Trade Window or contact your buyer and ask. Keep in mind that the quality assurance process can take several weeks to complete if action is needed, and it is therefore a good idea to book quality assurance as soon as possible after the trade item information is complete.

Validoo has a queuing system where we quality assure all bookings in the order they are received.

When a product sample is either uploaded digitally in Validoo, or physically received by us, it is checked that it is possible to use it for quality assurance. If it is damaged, incomplete or otherwise unusable, you will be notified by email. From the time the sample product is approved, it may take up to five work days to get the result from the quality assurance.

If the quality assurance has shown that you need to take action, you can read in the system how to proceed. You may need to either correct the trade item information or send in a new sample or both, depending on the type of errors found.

If you have chosen to correct and submit new trade item information, you should start with that. Then publish the updated trade item information and choose “Correction” as Document Command (T0153). Then check if the status of the product has changed. If the status is still that action is needed, check what else you need to do. If you need to send in or upload a new product sample, place a new booking and follow the instructions. When a new sample product  has arrived to Validoo, it will go back in the queue and you will get a new result within five workdays.

Results within 24 hours

If you are in a hurry, you can use our emergency service, Quality Assurance Express, when you place your order. This additional service means that you will receive your results within 24 hours from when we receive your booking and the required sample products.

If you have a product with the status “Action required” you may, in some cases, need to make a new booking and send or upload a new sample product. In that case, you can choose if you want to use Quality Assurance Express again (and pay a new Quality Assurance Express fee) or if you want the booking to be a regular Quality Assurance order.


You pay an additional fee for each quality assurance made with Quality Assurance Express, in addition to the normal quality assurance fee. The fee covers Validoo’s additional costs to keep the Express products separate from our usual queue and to handle these products extra quickly. See the current price list on the Validoo Quality Assurance product page.


You easily place the order by checking the box for Validoo Q-Lab Express when logged in to Validoo and ordering a manual check-in Validoo Q-Lab. Samples and orders arriving on evenings, nights and weekends are accepted on the next coming weekday.


Getting started with quality assurance of trade item information

  1. Log on to the data entry system you have selected to enter and send trade item information.
  2. Log on to Validoo portal and place an order for quality assurance of trade item information.
  3. If you have chosen a sample type that involves submitting a physical sample, print the delivery note and send the sample and delivery note to Validoo for manual check (the address is on the delivery note).

Once the quality assurance is complete, you will receive confirmation by email.

There are three different types of quality assurance for a product and to get fully approved status of your product, you need to do all three types.

1. Product information

In this quality assurance, we compare entered values ​​in the trade item information with what is stated on the packaging. For example, if you have filled in that your product is marked with the “Keyhole”, check that that marking is also on the packaging. In addition, it is checked that the entered trade item information follows the GS1 standard for trade item information. To do this check, we need a document that shows exactly what your product, with all these labels, looks like. You digitally upload this information in Validoo when you make your booking. It can e.g. be a print original (artwork) on the packaging, photographs on the product (all pages that have a label) or a scanned label.

2. Measurement

This quality assurance checks that the entered measurements in the trade item information correspond to the actual physical product, and that the product is measured according to GS1 Measurement Rules. If you launch a completely new package, send us a physical product sample for measurement. If you have previously quality-assured a similar package, you will see it in the booking, and you can get an approved status without sending in a physical product sample.

3. Barcode

When quality assurance of the barcode on the packaging is checked that it can be read by a scanner, and that it is structured according to the GS1 standard for barcodes. To be able to do this check, you need to send in a package with the barcode on it.

The person that made the booking, will receive an email notification when the quality assurance is complete. You log in to Validoo and see your status under the tab “My Products”. Click on the status to see a detailed list over all parameters that have been quality assured.

If the product has an approved status, any physical sample will be donated to charity if you have not chosen it to be destructed when making the booking.

If the product has not received an approved status the sample is saved for 14 days.

If you want your samples in return, you need to also send a return slip with the prepaid return via “Posten företagspaket” or another shipping or courier company. Chilled and frozen goods are not returned