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The Service Description describes the regulations and standards that Validoo Supplier is based on, how to become a customer to the service, and how to use the service.

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Validoo has Sweden’s largest database for products with trade item information according to GS1’s standard. We help you quality assure, manage and share your information and images with retailers.

Get started and share digital product information and photos with 70 connected recipients in grocery industry, pharmacies, Systembolaget and Foodservice.

Get started

  1. Sign up for a Validoo account. You need this to use our services.
  2. The second step is to sign an agreement for Validoo Item to get your trade item information auto-validated.
  3. The third step is choosing a system where you enter your trade item information. There are several on the market to choose from. Choose verified system

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Validoo Item Operations Manual describes how to interact with Validoo Item. The document should be read by system developers, when setting up communication with Validoo Item.

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Enter the information in the system that your company has chosen, in accordance with GS1’s standard for Trade Item information.

You can test whether you have entered the correct information according to GS1’s standard for trade item information by publishing it with only GS1 as the recipient. Validoo will validate the information and send back a validation report that shows whether it is correct.

A company that wants to receive product information must actively create subscriptions in Validoo. The subscription is made either for a supplier’s entire range or part of the range. Therefore, contact your recipients when your agreement with Validoo is complete.

If the recipient has not created a subscription, Validoo will not send the information to them even if you have sent information to that particular recipient.

Validoo checks the information according to GS1’s standard for trade item information and returns a validation report that shows if it is correct.

If the information is correct, Validoo sends the information to the selected recipients. If the information has errors, it must be corrected and sent again.

Only approved product information is sent to the recipients.

Private or public

Your company may choose to send the information private or public.

  • Private
    The information is only sent to the recipients your company chooses to send the information to.
  • Public
    The information is published in Validoo Item and all recipients who have a subscription that match the information gets it sent to their system. The information is made public by not specifying the recipients to which the information is to be sent.

When trade item information is approved after the validation, the information is stored in Validoo and available for retailers and other trading companies who decide which information they want to import into their own systems by activating a subscription.

Your recipient needs to activate a subscription in Validoo in order to receive information from a particular supplier. If the recipient has chosen not to display their Global Location Number (GLN) in the public customer list, the supplier takes contact to gain access to the number.

If information needs to be sent to a recipient other than those listed, you need to contact the business contact at the recipient to find out how product information should be sent to them.

The recipients only want to get product information from suppliers they have a business relationship with and when there are reasons to send product information for agreed products. Therefore always agree with the recipient if you as a supplier are unsure whether you should send product information.

Contact your buyer and ask them to add a subscription in Validoo.

If you only enter one specific recipient’s GLN, it is only that recipient who can view your trade item information.

See customer list

You can either add your recipients one by one or add a public GLN, Community GLN: 7300029999938.

When using the Community GLN, the trade item information is published publicly to anyone who has a subscription to your company’s GLN. Validoo Customer List

In the technical document specification for trade item information, you can read more about the terms that the validation rules and the validation report refers to. The rules and technical document specification can be found amongst the specifications for Trade Item information.

In “Technical Documentation for Trade Item Information” there are descriptions of the terms that the validation rules and the validation report refer to. Go to and download “Guidelines for Trade Item information“.

Validoo always sends the validation report to the system from which you send the trade item information. You can also choose to get a copy of the validation report by email, follow the instructions below for this:

When you log in to Validoo, enter Agreement and click the agreement you want to change email address for. You will then enter the agreement and can change the email address. We recommend that you use an impersonal email address that several people in the company have access to, to receive the validation reports.

Yes, if your company signs an agreement with Validoo for each GLN. Then, each GLN will act as an individual supplier in Validoo Item.

The agreements are linked to the GLN (GS1 location number) specified at the time the agreement was signed.

This means that when you change GLN, you must sign a new agreement. The trade item information that is sent for one GLN is not transferred to another, it must in that case be re-sent.

Contact our customer service for assistance when signing a new agreement with Validoo Item for your company’s new GLN.


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For each agreement, one system is used. If you want to use two different systems, you need two different GLN and two different agreements are required.

In Validoo, you already have all trade item information that is automatically connected to your product images. If, however, the trade item information is more than one year old, you should take the opportunity to ensure that it is updated and resend it.

More questions about auto-validation

International trade, GDSN

Validoo Item is connected to a global network of data pools, GDSN, for the synchronization of trade item information. This means that companies connected to Validoo Item can send and receive trade item information from companies in other countries.

How it works

The network (GDSN, Global Data Synchronization Network) consists of a number of data pools in other countries that validate and synchronize trade item information in the same way as Validoo Item. GDSN also includes a global registry that keeps track of where information on each item is stored, i.e. which data pool a supplier is connected to.

Sending trade item information within GDSN

  1. Find out what data pool the trading company is connected to.
  2. Find out what terms in the trade item information the trading company needs and what, if any, validation rules or guidelines the trading company or data pool has that must be considered.
  3. Ensure that your system is capable of creating and managing information according to the recipient’s requirements.
  4. Ask the trading company when they can and prefer to receive trade item information from your company.
  5. REcieveTradeItem Information within GDSN
  6. Create a subscription for the relevant supplier in Validoo Item and export the subscription to the global registry in GDSN.
  7. Ask the supplier to send the trade item information to your company.

Read more about GDSN Terms of participation

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To help suppliers enter trade item information, GS1 Sweden has developed a set of guidelines.

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This document contains the terms for the service Validoo Planogram

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Form for cancellation of Validoo Services

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Agreement for Validoo Supplier

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