Support: Validoo DataEntry

All systems that communicate with Validoo must use a secure communications protocol.

The protocol has to support encryption and signing to ensure that no information is lost and that there is clear traceability in all transactions. We have chosen the communication protocol AS2 as approved protocol. AS2 is an http-based protocol.

All systems we have verified, have AS2 communications to and from Validoo. If you want to connect your company to Validoo with an AS2 protocol, you will need to contact us for assistance with the connection.

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The service description describes which rules and standards Validoo DataEntry is based on, what it takes to become a customer of the service, and how the system is used.

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To help suppliers enter trade item information, GS1 Sweden has developed a set of guidelines.

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Suppliers who want to send trade item information to their recipients need to enter the information correctly.

The information from the suppliers helps stores and wholesalers follow food law, shelf plan, store the products correctly, have the right information on shelf labels and receipts, etc.

To help suppliers enter trade item information, GS1 Sweden has developed guidelines that can help you.

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Form for cancellation of Validoo Services

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Agreement for Validoo DataEntry

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Change systems

It is possible to switch from the system you are using today to another system. Just contact the verified system provider listed on the Select System Page.

Please keep in mind

  • Trade item information that you have published from your current system is already in Validoo Item, no transfer required.
  • Make sure that you have published everything in your current system so that you do not have drafts that you are working on locally.
  • Make sure you clean out any outdated trade information (for example, products that have expired) by marking them as expired and publishing them again.