Product photography in a professional studio

Join us in our state-of-the-art photo studio for a while. Here, photographers, 3D artists and editors are working to turn your product samples into selling product images. We make sure to shoot your product from both flattering and necessary angles.

Our product images are found in our day to day life where people mostly are. They appear in grocery stores, online, at restaurants, pharmacies, in advertisements, apps and many other contact sites.

Every day, they make life easier for millions of people who get understandable and reality-based information about products they are interested in.

Images that meet the quality requirements

In order for your product image to be accepted by the store, wholesaler or e-merchant, it needs to meet a variety of quality requirements defined by the industry. This is where our photo studio come into the picture. Our photographers and editors ensure that all image requirements are met to enable you to sell or market the product offline and online.

Validoo, fotostudio
Product photographer in Validoo’s photo studio.

Once the photo shoot and quality assurance is complete, we upload your image in Validoo where it is linked to your trade item information. You are then ready to start selling your product. See who is receiving images from Validoo:

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Sales-increasing product images for your market

We will help you create images for grocery stores, food services and pharmacies. We also make CGI, mobile ready hero images and special request photography.

CGI, Computer Generated Images

Digitally generated images for those who don´t have a physical product sample. We help you…

Price / product Request

Mobile Ready Hero Images

Simplify the consumer's purchase experience online. Our photo studio creates mobile-adapted hero pictures with supporting…


Photo assignment special request

Even though we are experts on standard product images, we would like to help you…

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Product photography Foodservice

Market-adapted product images that simplify orders and sales in restaurants and large-scale households.

Product photography Norway

Boost your sales in Norway. we help you create sales-increasing product and planogram images according…

Product Photography Retail

Market-adapted product images for all sales channels. All produced in our photo studio.

Photo Gallery

Image examples. Click on the image to learn more.

This is how it works in our photo studio

The photographers in our studio ensure that all image requirements are met to enable you to promote the product, for example in stores, e-commerce or digital grocery bags.

When photographing, advanced photographic equipment and lighting are used to give the image perfect color balance.

From sample to finished image

Produktfotograf tar produkbild
Product is photographed in studio by experienced photographers.
Produktbild retuscheras
Product image is edited by professional editors.
Image is quality assured and uploaded in Validoo

Once the photographer is done, the market and planograms images are handed over to an editor. Thereafter, the images are reviewed and quality checked before they are uploaded in Validoo. You accept the delivery and you are then ready to start selling your product.

You can of course use Validoo only for quality assurance if you have chosen to work with another photo studio or editor.

High quality and standardized images

Product images we produce comply with technical guidelines and quality assurance rules for your industry. These are based on GS1 Product Image Specification, which is a GS1 standard for digital images that are linked to products identified with a GS1 trade item number.

Photography Price List

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Lead times

Service Delivery Lead time
Product photography Retail 1 image for marketing, 1-3 images for planogram, quality assurance, uploading in Validoo 5–10 days
Product photography Express 1 image for marketing, 1-3 images for planogram, quality assurance, uploading in Validoo 48 hours
Product photography Foodservice 1 image for marketing (out of package), 1 image for web (in package), quality assurance, uploading in Validoo 5–10 days
CGI-image 1 image for marketing (CGI), quality assurance, uploading in Validoo
Advanced retouching Retouching, quality assurance 1–5 days
Quality Assurance, Image Quality assurance 1–5 days
Quality Assurance PLUS Quality assurance including advanced retouching 1–5 days
Post-editing Editing / correction of not-approved images 1–5 days

Lead times for quality assurance apply to weekdays from the time that image is linked to order.

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How we photograph for different markets

We follow the guidelines for different markets, as described in our photo manuals:

question_answerRetail in Norway
question_answerSystembolaget’s guidelines for product images
question_answerMobile Ready Hero Images