Operational Information for Validoo services

Here you can see up-to-date operational information on planned updates and current outages for Validoo's system


2021-10-08 Previous problems with article information are now solved

Status: Fixed

Published: 11:55 8 October 2021

Validoo has had a problem in its system, where subscriptions that apply to a few recipients were incorrectly disabled. We have recreated all subscriptions, and have re-processed all messages that have been stopped only by rule 730298 (“subscription is missing”), regardless of input system, and a positive acknowledgment that item information has arrived is about to be sent out.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

2021-08-19  New design in DataEntry

Status: Planned

Published: 15:30. 19 aug 2021

DataEntry has a new and more accessible design. We have also made a small update for you who work with food.