Operational Information for Validoo services

Here you can see up-to-date operational information on planned updates and current outages for Validoo's system


2021-08-19  New design in DataEntry

Status: Planned

Published: 15:30. 19 aug 2021

DataEntry has a new and more accessible design. We have also made a small update for you who work with food.

2021-05-25 Problem sending new article information

Status: Ongoing

Published; 15:15 May 25

We are experiencing a temporary system error, which means that we can not deliver item information for new products that are sent for the first time. We work with the highest priority to fix the problem and apologize for any problems this may cause.

2021-05-11 Validoo closed due to maintanance 15th – 16th of May

Status: Planned

Published: 14:25, May 11

Due to GDSN-standard upgrade to version 3.1.15 the Validoo system will be closed Saturday the 15th of May until Sunday the 16th of May

2021-04-09 Validoo System closed for upgrade 15/4-19/4

Status: Done

Published: 16:00. April 15

Updated: 08:30. April 19

From Thursday the 15th of April at 18.00 until Monday the 19th of April at 08.00, Validoo System was closed due to a major upgrade. The release is now completed and users can log in as usual.

2021-04-09 Planned downtime in the quality assurance service

Status: Planned

Published: 11:10, March 26, 2021

GS1 Sweden’s order system for quality assurance of trade item information in Validoo will be closed from 9 April 18:00 CET to 19 April 08:00 due to planned system update. While the system is closed, it will not be possible to place a new order or re-order for quality assurance.

2021-04-15 Planned downtime for Validoo

Status: Planned

Published: 11:15, March 26, 2021

All services in Validoo are closed from April 15 at 18:00 until April 19 at 08:00. During down times, it will not be possible to log in to Validoo.

2021-01-26 Resolved: Temporary downtime validoo.se

Status: Resolved

Published 10:40

A temporary malfunction meant that access to validoo.se was blocked for a few minutes. The problem has been fixed and no remaining problems have been detected.

2021-01-26 Resolved: Login problem

Status: Resolved

Published: 07:15

Previously this morning, we were experiencing problems with login to Validoo. The issue was resolved before 08:00 a.m. The incident was rectified just before 08:00.