Getting your product information right should be easy. Check out this demo videos page for more information and examples, that will guide you through the news in our updated quality assurance service in Validoo.

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Demo Videos

Get to know the new user interface step by step.

  1. Introduction – This is how quality assurance works
  2. Booking – How to book quality assurance
  3. Product samples – Different types of samples and your preparations
  4. After reservation – How to fix detected problems
  5. Transition – Things to be aware of during the launch

Episode 1: Introduction

Welcome to a guided tour of the updated quality assurance service. Here you will get a first introduction of the user interface with some new views and features.


  • New view: My Products
  • Three types of quality assurance
  • Quality assurance rules
Introduction to quality assurance in Validoo (In Swedish)

Episode 2: Book quality assurance

Here you will learn how to book quality assurance in the view My Products. Discover how to search for and filter trade items. We will show you how to follow up your bookings and see their current status.


  • Search and filter trade items
  • Book different types of quality assurance
  • Shopping cart
  • See bookings and status

Episode 3: Samples

In this session, we will go through different types of product samples for quality assurance and how you can most easily work with preparations before submitting digital or physical product samples.


  • Prepare and submit digital and physical product samples
  • Quality assure certain parts without product samples

Episode 4: What happens after booking?

In this session, we will go through the step after you have booked quality assurance and submitted your product sample. You will learn how manual checks work, what the feedback looks like and how you can easily fix detected problems.


  • Checking your product samples
  • Quality assurance of trade item information and barcodes
  • Fix detected problems

Episode 5: Transition

Here we guide you step by step in what will happen during the transition to the updated service. Trade Item Information and results linked to your product range will be handled by GS1 Sweden . There are just a few things you need to keep in mind. We will go through that in this video.


  • How and when the transition will take place
  • How previous results will be translated and moved
  • A few things to keep in mind before the transition

About the service launch

The QA service is now part of the modern IT platform for Validoo and has replaced Validoo Q-lab, which was previously a separate system.

The purpose of the update is to create faster and easier steps before the start of sales of your product. The biggest change for you will be getting to know the new features and views. The quality assurance rules and the feedback process will take place in the same way as before.

Operational information

You can follow regular updates on our page for operational information .

We are here for you

There are always some questions and thoughts in the beginning when switching to a new service. Our Customer Service is ready and well prepared for the update. You can reach us by email or phone every weekday.

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