GS1 Sweden AB and its wholly owned subsidiary Validoo AB, which provide services in standards and digital information, have elected to join in a merger. Validoo and GS1 Sweden will continue to exist as brands following the merger.

The Board for GS1 Sweden and its wholly owned subsidiary Validoo AB decided to undertake the merger on May 22, 2018. Under the merger, GS1 Sweden AB will absorb wholly owned subsidiary Validoo AB, which provides information services based on GS1’s standards. The newly merged company will operate under GS1 Sweden’s organisation number, while the core businesses, global standards and information and validation services, will continue to operate under two brands: GS1 Sweden and Validoo.

GS1 and Validoo continue as two trademarks

The new constellation will work under the GS1 Sweden organization number, but the core businesses, global standards and information and validation services continue to operate under two trademarks: GS1 Sweden and Validoo.

– Our business concept is to optimize trade between companies by establishing a common business language that is used globally. By clarifying our offering to customers with a portfolio that includes both standards and services, we hope to be able to serve our customers even better as their digital partner,” says Christina Wergens, CEO for GS1 Sweden.

Simplified customer offer

One of the aims of the merger between GS1 Sweden and Validoo is to provide a clearer, more streamlined experience for the companies’ users, allowing them simpler access to the product portfolio. The change in corporate structure should also enable better use of resources. One administrative difference for Validoo customers is that the invoice issuer will change from Validoo to GS1 Sweden, which takes over all of its subsidiary’s rights and obligations as part of the merger.

Unchanged ownership structure

GS1 Sweden AB will continue to operate as a not-for-profit organisation, and is still owned in equal parts by the SVDH and DLF trade associations, with Christina Wergens as CEO for the merged organisation. Shared functions within the group will be retained so that GS1 Sweden maintains its competitive expertise and service level.

A merger plan has been established and the merger is expected to be fully implemented in the third quarter of 2018.

We answer your questions

Below we have listed several questions regarding the organizational change. For other questions about the merger, please contact our Customer Service.

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Questions & Answers regarding te Merger

1. GS1 Sweden and Validoo are planning a merger – what does it mean for me as a customer?

This means your agreements with Validoo AB are transferred to the parent company GS1 Sweden. Agreements remain legally binding with unchanged terms.

2. Will your services change?

No, the service offer is not affected by the merger.

3. • Will existing prices and fees be changed?

No, existing prices and fees remain unchanged.

4. Why is a merger being conducted?

The merger is conducted to clarify our product offering and also to achieve better resource utilisation and cost savings.

5. Will I keep my login to the different customer portals, MyGS1 and MyValidoo?

Yes, GS1 Sweden and Validoo still exist as two separate brands with their own websites and customer portals, MyGS1 and MyValidoo.

6. Will I have the same contact paths as before?

Yes, we will retain the same contact channels (phone number, email addresses and contact persons) as before the merger.

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