GS1 Sweden launches a new IT platform for Validoo this spring. This means that all Validoo services is closed down between 29 May and 3 June. You who need to send trade item information via Validoo before the Ascension weekend or belong to an ECR category within revision week 42 need to get ready before May 29th.

ECR Sverige and GS1 Sweden have agreed to implement the platform switch for Validoo during the ascension weekend to minimize the impact on customers.

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Share trade item information before May 29th

Do you need to get ready in Validoo before the Ascension Day? Or do you follow the recommendations for ECR Time Window and belong to any of the 11 ECR categories within revision week 42? In that case, you need to send your item information via Validoo by May 29 before 17:00.

Dates and timings to keep track of:

May 29 at 5:00 pm: Current Validoo is shut down.

May 29 replace May 31: Regular stop date for ECR Time window is changed for you with revision week 42 in the assortment revision plan.

June 3 at 1pm: New Validoo opens.

The 11 ECR categories affected

Category number Category Revision week
15 Preserves, Soups 42
19 Pasta, rice, mash 42
20 Baking & sweetening products 42
21 Food hypersensitivity 42
22 Children, baby 42
23 Pets 42
26 Body care, facial care, shaving, toiletries 42
27 Make up 42
28 Oral care, intimate hygiene 42
30 Paper 42
33 Non-prescription drugs 42

All operational information about launch will be published on the web on an ongoing basis.
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GS1’s Customer Service will help you if you have thoughts and questions about the transition.
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