The first step is to sign up for a Validoo account. You'll need this to use our services.
The next step is to choose a system in which to enter your trade item information. There are several on the market to choose from.
The third step is to sign an agreement for Validoo Supplier so that you can get your trade item information auto-validated.

What is Validoo?

Validoo helps businesses share product information and ensure digital product data quality.

The services are offered by GS1 Sweden AB, which together with its customers sets the standard for product and image information in Sweden. A single, common standard helps everyone who works with master data, images, sales, storage and logistics.

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About the product database

Validoo has Sweden’s largest product database, containing 330,000 products with trade item information according to GS1’s standard.

Over 3,000 suppliers currently use the database to share validated trade item information with 70 connected recipients in the grocery industry, pharmacies, Systembolaget and Food Service.

You need correct trade item information to be able to sell your products — and with Validoo, recipients of product data and images can be sure that the trade item information they receive from you is correct.

Services for suppliers

Validoo’s services are good for your business. Statistics show that each year, our services generate 2.5 billion SEK (1.3%) in increased revenue, and reduce costs by 1.5 billion SEK (2-5%) for Swedish suppliers in the grocery trade.

Source: Accenture, GS1 value proposition for FMCG suppliers, 2016.

Validoo Supplier

To enter products into the database, and share trade item information with your recipients, you will need either a connection or a system where you can enter the trade item information. You also need the first-level service Validoo Supplier, to validate the information in order that it may be shared.

Facts about Validoo Supplier

  • Automatic validation of your trade item and logistics information.
  • Sharing to all your sales channels in one single flow.
  • Data pool allows you to share information with retailers in other markets.
  • Complies with GS1’s industry-wide standard for Trade Item information.
  • Online media library for your product information and images
  • Quality-assured product images, complying with the GS1 standard
  • Ordering system allows you to order quality checks and image production
  • Modern, user-friendly, web-based interface

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The trade item information is displayed here

Trade item information from Validoo is published in a variety of locations along the entire flow of goods. See some examples below.

Testbild för grid
On labels in stores.
When scanning.
Bulk sale prices.
Online and e-commerce.
On packaging.
When ordering.

Before you launch your product

Your trade item information needs to be validated and quality-assured in good time before you launch your product. The grocery, convenience store and pharmacy trades revise their product ranges according to different trade windows. This means that you will benefit by getting started early.

When are the revision weeks for your category?

open_in_newECR Trade Windows (information in Swedish)

Quality assurance

Quality assurance of trade item information

Validoo quality-assures trade item information by manually comparing digital product information with a physical product sample, prototype or print original that you send to us. Experienced specialists check your digital product data quality and tell you whether you need to make any revisions to it.

In most cases, retailers in the grocery trade need the manually checked product data no later than seven weeks before product launch. However, this may vary depending on which ECR trade window applies.

If you don’t choose to have your product photography done by us, you can upload existing product images for quality assurance. Keep in mind though that images can be tricky to get up to standard. That’s why it can be a good option to let our professional editors help you with them.

Creative services

As a complement to our first-level services we also offer several creative services via our photo studio. But you can come back to this once you have gotten started with publishing your trade item information.

Photo studio for suppliers
You can either use your existing product images in Validoo, or we can take them for you and make sure you boost your sales.

So what happens now?

Thanks for reading this far. We would be glad to have you as a customer! The first thing you’ll need to do is get a Validoo account. If you have questions, just contact us!