On April 19, a major update of GS1 Sweden’s quality assurance service in Validoo will take place. This means a new user-centered design and a transition to Validoo’s platform.

On this page, we have summarized useful information before the update. Find gathered details about:

  • why the service is updated
  • the business benefits for you
  • planned downtime of existing system
  • how much it will cost
  • how to get help and support

Major update

Simplified and faster

The next system update is a big change aimed to make it easier and faster for you to get through the quality assurance process. It should be simple to succeed when you need approved quality product information and barcodes.

User-centered design

In the new version, the service has a user-centered and intuitive design, several new functions and more affordable quality assurance. The steps are developed so that you as a new or experienced user will understand what you need to do in each step.

You can read more about the new features and the need behind the update in a previous blog article.

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Transition to Validoo’s IT platform

The separate system that was previously called Validoo Q-lab is being phased out and the quality assurance service is moving into Validoo’s modern IT platform.

As a logged in user of Validoo, the biggest change for you is to get to know a new interface. Take the opportunity to get a guided demo right now.

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Rules and feedback unchanged

Processes that work well today will be kept intact. Quality assurance rules at the controls will continue to apply just as you are used to. If action is needed from you, we will get back to you as before.

Downtimes for system update

The upgrade has been prepared for a long time so that it will work with as few interruptions as possible. During the week of the transition, the availability of the quality assurance service is affected. Validoo’s other services for image management and data sharing are also affected to some extent.

We have taken into account the larger ECR Time Trade Windows which are planned during the spring. You and your industry colleagues will have time to get your quality assurance results and make corrections in time.

Order system closed for one week in April

The update will last for a week. This means that order placement for quality assurance closes during week 15. When the system opens, log in to Validoo where you will find the service.

While the system is closed, it will not be possible to place a new order or re-order for quality assurance.

On the other hand, it will be possible to log in and review performance reports from previous quality assurances. You can also place orders for quality assurance of the image just as usual and take out reports in the usual way until the launch.

Quality assure before or after closing?

Our recommendation is that you who have the opportunity wait to ensure quality until after the update is completed. It is of course possible to ensure quality even before closing if you do not want or can not wait.

Downtimes week 15

All of week 15

The order system for quality assurance trade item and food information is closed all week.

April 16

All Validoo services are closed during the day.

You can always find current updates on our page for operational information.

Opening of the quality assurance service

On the morning of April 19, we will open the updated quality assurance service. As logged in to Validoo, you will be able to book quality assurance in the new way. Our system for Validoo Q-lab will thus be replaced and no longer used.

How much will it cost?

In the updated service, you can more easily plan and budget your costs for quality assurance.

Previously separate control of food and article information will now be included in the same control. And what was previously called re-orders will no longer be charged. When correcting the article information, you will in most cases receive an approved result immediately upon publication, without the need for re-orders.

Prices will be divided into two types of quality assurance: data quality and barcode quality

system update price
Two different prices for data quality (product information and measurements) and barcode quality

Data quality

Quality assurance of product information and measure . You will be charged one price per GS1 Article Number (GTIN) regardless of the status of your quality assurance. Charging for what was previously called “re-order” is deleted.

Product information and dimensions
One price per GTIN

Barcode quality

Quality assurance of bar-code . You pay a price per check performed. Under “Action needed”, send in a new barcode for checking.

One price per quality assurance
Charging per check performed

The system becomes more flexible and can register that you work with different types of quality assurance for the same product. This means that you can update product information and measurements in any order you want and at the time that suits you best.

How do I get help?

Customer service

Questions and concerns always arise during a system update. The customer service team has received training in the new functions and will be ready to familiarize yourself with your case, answer questions and give tips and advice.

Training sessions

After launch comes GS1 Sweden offer a number of courses for you who want practical training.

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