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Opening hours

Monday – Friday 08:30–15:03 Closed for lunch 12:00–13:00

Exceptional opening hours Photo Studio

  • Week 30: No receivement of shipped goods
  • Week 28-31: Product photography needs to be pre-booked via mail for guaranteed lead time. Email studio


Send samples to our photostudio

Validoo Studio/GS1 Sweden AB
Virkesvägen 26, 7 tr
120 30 Stockholm

Opening hours

Monday–Friday 09:00–15:00 Closed for lunch 12:00–13:00

Guide for sending samples to our studio

Send samples to Validoo Q-lab

Please remember that a delivery note should always be sent with the sample.

Validoo Q-lab
c/o Alwex Lager & Logistik AB
Stora Räppevägen 62, Port 54
352 50 Växjö

Guide for sending samples to Validoo Q-lab


Mailing address

GS1 Sweden AB
Box 1178
111 91 Stockholm

Street Address

Västra Järnvägsgatan 15, 12 tr, Stockholm

Telephone & Email

Office: 08-50 10 10 00
Fax 1: 08-50 10 10 01
Fax 2: 08-50 10 10 02

Finance & Contact Information

Org. 556667-6770
VAT-nr: SE556667677001
GLN: 7300010000001



Sälj & Kundrelationer

Mattias Rosenlund Chief Commercial Officer

David Almroth Sales and Client Relations Manager

Åsa Hagelin Sales and Client Coordinator

Lena Coulibaly Sales and Client Relations Manager

Mats Björkqvist Sales and Client Relations Manager

Martin Ahlberg Sales and Client Relations Manager

Produkt & Marknad

Malin Gustavsson Chief Product Officer

Mischa Danofsky Product Owner

Malin Roth Product Manager

Josephine Wibeck Team Lead UX & Communications

Fredrik Holmström Team Lead Traceability

Deniss Dobrovolskis Team Lead Masterdata

Ida Mlowe Marketing Manager

Lina Johnson Marketing Manager

Nathan Stonewall Technical Writer

Joel Salomonsson Junior UX Designer

Filip Gustafsson UX Designer


Maria Uhlin Team Lead Production & Quality Assurance

Tina Carlsson Image Editor & CGI

Andreas Hedström Image Editor & Quality Assurance

Emma Blonski Photographer & CGI

Daniel Milton Photographer

Caroline Andersson Photographer

Emil Magnusson Photographer

IT & Operations

Henrik Lundin Chief Technical Officer

Sylvia Pellegrini Technical Product Manager

Robin Widberg Project Manager

Daniel Grut Project Manager

Henrik Stubbans Project Manager

Elliot Eslander System Tester

Anna Edling Integration Developer

Anton Stengård Requirement Analyst and Project Manager

Magnus Lindell Operating Technician



Svetlana Asp CFO

Carola Kjerrström Head of Payroll

Carolyn Åström Billing Manager

Ewa Westerberg AR & AP Manager


Karolin Sild Team Lead Customer Service

Sandra Fjellström Customer Service

Mikaela Sångberg Customer Service

Zanna Forslund Customer Service

Caroline Lundberg Customer Service

Anton Lavi Customer Service

Camilla Löfroth Customer Service

Olivia Karringer Customer Service