Validoo has services that increase the quality of your product information. Validoo and its services are a part of GS1 Sweden AB, which is equally owned by Dagligvaruleverantörernass Förbund (DLF) and Svensk Dagligvaruhandel (SvDH). The grocery industry was a part of the foundation of EAN, the bar codes you know, which was the precursor to GS1.

Validoo contributes to better business

Validoo helps you to quality assure, manage and share your digital trade item information and your photos in stores, pharmacies, wholesalers and online.

Benefits with Validoo

A study from Accenture (2016) examined the economic benefits of using Validoo from a supplier perspective. The numbers speak for themselves. For Swedish suppliers in the grocery trade, Validoo’s services mean

  • 2.5 billion SEK (1.3%) in increased revenues per year and
  • 1.5 billion SEK (2-5%) in reduced costs per year.

Validoo’s assignment

Package quality

Our task is to raise product data quality and quality assure trade item information, with both consumers and the industries various actors, in mind. The whole idea of Validoo is to create efficient product flows through the entire value chain.

Digitize quality

We help the grocery industry, pharmacy and Foodservice with services that ensure accurate digital product- and image information. Our own photo studio also helps the industry with creative services and professional product images.

Re-invest quality

Validoo’s customers pay market prices for all the services we offer. Also, any surplus is re-invested in the services.

Validoo’s reference groups

We are continuously developing and improving in cooperation with those who actually use our services. Suppliers and retailers gather in Validoo’s reference groups, where both present and future business is vented.

Thanks to the collective knowledge from the industry representatives in our reference groups, we can continuously develop our services to meet customer challenges and needs.

Summarizing Validoo

  • Services ensuring data quality, flow efficiency and consumer safety.
  • Largest in Sweden on quality enhancement of digital product and image information.
  • Gathers industry parties and shared interests in one place.
  • Active network of experts helping customers make better business.