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You want to share digital product information and images with retailers, wholesalers and other recipients. Perfect, we help you digitize your product.

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You want to receive product and image information according to the right standards at the right time. We help you create benefits for you and your consumers.

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Take the shortcut to our support pages and become Sweden’s most knowledgeable Validooer. Here are the most common questions and answers.

Services for Suppliers

Validoo Item

Validoo Supplier

Sweden's largest database of trade item and logistics information according to GS1's standard.

Validoo DataEntry

Validoo DataEntry

A web based input system for entering and publishing trade item information in Validoo.

Validoo produktfotografering retail

Product Photography Retail

Market-adapted product images for all sales channels. All produced in our photo studio.

Planogram hylla

Validoo Planogram

Streamline sales through planning of the digital store shelf, created in Space Management programs.

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Digital product facts about Validoo

2 487
Suppliers and Retailers in Sweden
335 712
with Trade Item Information according to GS1´s standard
143 481
for marketing and planogram

If your digital product information is correct and well organised the economy, consumer experience and the community will benefit, especially when dealing with large product flows.

Validoo digitalizes Sweden’s product flows

Validoo is a part of GS1 Sweden which in turn is equally owned by Dagligvaruleverantörers Förbund (DLF) and Svensk Dagligvaruhandel (SvDH).

We follow the standard for product and image information in Sweden to facilitate the work for professionals within sales, logistics and product flows. Product data quality is something that lies close to our hearts and benefits not only the grocery industry and consumers but in fact the whole community.

Quick Facts

  • Enables data quality, flow efficiency and consumer safety.
  • Largest in Sweden on quality enhancement of digital product and image information.
  • Gathers the industry parties and their shared interests in one place.
  • Active network of experts helping customers make better business.

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Benefits of Validoo services

  • Generates 2,5 billion SEK (1,3%) in increased revenues for the industry’s suppliers.
  • Saves 1,5 billion SEK (2–5 %) in reduced costs for the industry’s suppliers

Source: Accenture, GS1 value proposition for FMCG suppliers, 2016.

Our customers

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Stefan Dahlgren


Validoo ensure the quality of our product images, which enables an automated image flow to…

Lissette Magnusson


Validoo helps us share trade item information correctly. In this way, we can be sure…