Reports and results

Complete quality assurance reports to the supplier

Once Validoo Q-lab has completed a quality assurance process, the result is avaliable in Validoo Q-lab under the tab Result. The report shows:

  • The results for each quality assurance rule
  • The consolidated results for the entire trade item hierarchy
  • In addition, the overall result is emailed to the person who placed the order

Summarized quality assurance report to retailers

Validoo Q-lab also sends a summarized quality assurance report, called a status report, to the trading companies that have received the trade item information. This report shows the compiled results for the entire trade item hierarchy, but not the results of the individual phases of the quality assurance process.

Interpreting the results:

  • OK – Approved (pass). The trade item information matches the production sample
  • NOK – Not approved (fail). The trade item information differs from the production sample more than tolerance limits permit. If one attribute in the trade item information is not approved, the entire quality assurance is considered not approved
  • Warning – An attribute in the trade item information has been formally approved, but has been deemed unreasonable or strange. The supplier is encouraged to examine this term more closely