Label and send samples

Validoo Q-lab accepts all consumer unit and outer packaging, but not entire pallets. Products that weight more than 15 kg do not need to be sent to Validoo Q-lab. 

Validoo Q-lab receives many production samples every day. It is therefore important that the samples are labelled correctly so that we can match the production sample with the correct trade item information and sender:

  • The packing slip that you receive when ordering in MyValidoo must therefore always be attached to your production sample
  • The production sample should be marked with the GTIN, the sender's name and the GLN
  • Consumer units within the outer packaging must also be marked with a barcode containing the consumer packaging's GTIN (GS1 trade item number)

Make sure that the sample is delivered to the door of Validoo Q-lab, for example, with business package or courier. We are not able to pick up packages on a distribution point.