18. Why does my barcode receive a grade of readability A from my barcode supplier when Validoo Q-lab gives it an F or NR (not readable)?

Validoo Q-lab reads the barcode when it is placed on the production sample, unlike a barcode provider that often read a label on a flat surface. We do not quality assure the placement of the barcode. We make sure it can be read where the barcode is placed.

Here are some examples of barcode placements that can make the barcode difficult or impossible to read:

  • Damaged label on the sample
  • Dirty label, caused by poor printing, that have caused stains or unwanted lines on the barcode
  • Uneven surface (corrugated cardboard, bumpy plastic)
  • Near a seam, or an edge

If you would like assistance from your barcode supplier in determining how the placement of the barcode will affect readability, they will need a production sample or an image. You are very welcome to use the image of the production sample that can be retrieved when you log in to MyValidoo.