12. What is included in the manual quality assurance of food and beverage information?

When Validoo Q-lab quality assure the food and beverage information, we manually qulaity assure that the words below match the label on the package. We check a 1:1 ratio.Validoo Q-lab assure only if the packaging is labeled with the corresponding information.

Validoo Q-lab quality assure the following terms :

  • Number of smallest units per package (T4036)
  • Maximum number of smallest units per package (T4093)
  • Ingredient statement (T4088)
  • Preparation state (T4069)
  • Daily value intake reference (T4070)
  • Measurement unit code (T3780)
  • Nutrient type code (T4073)
  • Quantity contained (T4074)
  • Measurement unit code (T3780)
  • Percentage of daily value intake (T4076)
  • Level of containment (T4079)
  • Diet type code (T4066)
  • Measurement precision (T4075)
  • Regulatory Product Name (T4800)
  • Allergen type code (T4078)
  • Nutrient basis quantity (T3824)