Description of service

This service description describes the regulations and standards that Validoo Q-lab is based on, what is required of customers of the service, and how the service is used.

 Prerequisites for using Validoo Q-lab

For suppliers

  1. Your company must sign an agreement for Validoo Q-lab.
  2. Your company must pay the fees for Validoo Q-lab in accordance with applicable agreements.
  3. An order has to be placed though the MyValidoo portal for each quality assurance to be conducted.
  4. Physical product samples, such as production samples or prototypes, are to be sent to Validoo Q-lab on the address given on the order document. Electronic sample (print original) is to be submitted when placing the order.
  5. Physical product samples sent to Validoo Q-lab must be labeled correctly and be accompanied by the order document received through MyValidoo.
  6. Physical product samples must arrive no later than five (5) workdays after placement of order. This is a requirement for Validoo to plan staffing. An order is only activated in Validoo Q-lab when the Trade item information and product sample has arrived.
  7. Trade item information must be sent to Validoo Q-lab via Validoo Item. Validoo Q-lab only quality assures trade item information that has already been validated and approved by Validoo Item.

For retailers

  1. Your company must have signed an agreement for Validoo Item, because Validoo Q-lab is a supplementary service to Validoo Item. All prerequisites in the service description for Validoo Item also apply for Validoo Q-lab.
  2. Your company must sign an agreement for Validoo Q-lab.
  3. Your company must comply with the terms and conditions and pay the fees in accordance with applicable agreements for Validoo Q-lab.

How Validoo Q-lab works

  1. Validoo Q-lab quality assures the trade item information by comparing it with a submitted production sample, prototype or print original.
  2. Validoo Q-lab assures that a number of terms in the trade item information for the submitted production sample complies with current and applicable GS1 standards for Trade Item Information.
  3. Manual quality assurance take a maximum of 5 working days to process, since the order, trade item information and samples are recieved.
  4. For all approved orders, Validoo get rid of the product test after approved results. For orders that have not been approved, Validoo will keep the product sample for 14 days if the error concerns, barcode, weight, or dimensions.
  5. Validoo Q-lab can only handle product samples with a matching order. Validoo Q-lab will charge a fee for handling production samples without order, order document or are missing company name, GLN or GTIN. For further information, please read Fees & agreements.

What awaits you as a Validoo Q-lab customer

For suppliers

  1. Validoo Q-lab will send notifications about a finished result to the e-mail address provided via MyValidoo.
  2. Validoo Q-lab will send out reminders via MyValidoo, i.e when Validoo Q-lab is missing trade item information or production sample for an order.
  3. Users logged in to MyValidoo and Validoo Q-lab’s web interface can do the following:
  • Manage users
  • Place an order and print an order document with delivery address
  • When placing an order choose if you wish to update your trade item information or not
  • When placing an order, tha opportunity to choose Q-Lab Express if you want to get results within 24 hours
  • Read their detailed quality assurance reports
  • See status and follow history of a quality assurance
  • View images of submitted production samples
  • When placing an order determine how the product sample will be handled after quality assurance is complete (e.g. that the production sample will be donated to charity, sent back or discarded)
  • Compile statistical reports

For retailers

  1. Once quality assurance has been conducted, Validoo Q-lab will send summaries of the quality assurance reports, or “status reports”, to the retailer. Validoo Q-lab will only send status reports to the retailers that have received corresponding trade item information.
  2. Users logged in to MyValidoo or Validoo Q-lab’s web interface can do the following:
  • Manage users
  • See status and follow history of a quality assurance
  • See summary of quality assurance results (OK or NOK) per trade item, and receive information on which type of sample the result is based on (production sample, prototype or print original)
  • Compile statistical reports

For all customers

  1. MyValidoo and Validoo Q-lab’s web interface is available 24 hours a day, except during scheduled maintenance.
  2. Support is open Monday through Friday during office hours. Note that support is only available for users that have completed GS1 Sweden’s free, web-based course, “Data Accuracy”