Checking barcodes

One of the checks made by Validoo Q-lab is that the barcode on the sample is readable. GS1 BarcodeCheck carries out a more thorough analysis. If you fail Validoo Q-lab's check you can use GS1 BarcodeCheck to get a detailed explanation of what is wrong and suggestions for ways to correct the errors.

Checking barcodes with GS1 BarcodeCheck

The readability of the barcode is affected by its placement on the sample. This means that the barcode must be on the sample in order for Validoo Q-lab to accept the result from GS1 BarcodeCheck.

If you want GS1 BarcodeCheck to forward the result for your barcode to Validoo Q-lab, it is essential that this is stated in the order to GS1 BarcodeCheck. In this case, Validoo Q-lab will be advised when the barcode is approved and will then approve the barcode's readability.

Different results from barcode checks

You can get different results from Validoo Q-lab and GS1 BarcodeCheck if you have sent a sample to Validoo Q-lab but only a label to GS1 BarcodeCheck. If, for example, the barcode is printed on an uneven surface or round a cylinder, or if it is obscured by stretch film, tape or similar then readability will be affected. This means that the barcode can fail in Validoo Q-lab despite being approved in GS1 BarcodeCheck.

Read more about GS1 BarcodeCheck on GS1 Sweden's website