Validoo 3D/CGI

With the latest 3D technology, we create photorealistic computer generated images of highest quality. CGI stands for Computer Generated Images. Our training and experience in product photography enables us to have a good understanding of different materials and the value of displaying the products with correct lightning. The new technology offers many possibilities to combine existing and non-existing to the production of computer generated images to make it feel photorealistic. It is benificial that our production takes place in a fully equipped studio, if we are in need of additional photographing.

  • Benefits of 3D/CGI

     CGI is the solution for you who do not have time to produce a sample in time. With CGI, you do not have to submit a physical sample for photography.

    Our computer generated images are photorealistic and displaying the product at its best.

    The production will be extra affordable if you have variant-based items, since it is easy to customize labels and any visible content to a 3D model.

  • It works like this

    To produce a Computer Generated Image you need a 3D model. Here are two ordering options:

    CGI including 3D modeling

    We take responsibility for the entire production, which involves the 3D modeling and the production of your computer generated image. Once a 3D model has been produced, it is easier to produce CGI in the future, such as variant-based items.

    Packaging types within 3D modeling:

    1. Simple hard / soft package or model
    2. Advanced hard / soft package or model

    Each category is a generalization of various types of packaging. This means that the time of the production and the fee depends on the type of packaging and the type of artwork/decor.

    Please note that we may need to photograph the visible content in transparent packaging. We will arrange this easily in our studio.

    CGI on existing 3D model

    This option assumes that you already have a 3D model that is made for CGI. There is no additional cost if we have a 3D model that we previously have produced for you, which can be used again to produce CGI (for example variant-based items).

  • Request

    Send your request to We will provide an estimate of the production as well as price based on your wishes and your product's packaging.