Photographing products

If you want high-quality images, you should let Validoo MediaStore photograph your samples. Check out our studio.

  • Select the type of photography
    Product photography

    Product photography, and Photography Express 48H, include the following:

    • One market image
    • One to three planogram images (angles), depending on the package type. These images are used for merchandising in stores.

    In the production of images the retouching and uploading, including quality assurance of the images, are always included. The photographing in our studio is always performed by experienced photographers with help of professional lighting and advanced photographic equipment. Read more in our manuals.

    For a market image we always retouch color and contrast, add a clipping path and use the settings based on GS1 global standards for product images. We also remove dust and scratches, minor damage to the product and minimize glare and reflections. Note that there is an additional fee for hiding date stamps.

    For a planogram image we retouch color and contrast. We use the settings based on GS1 global standards for product images.

    Product photography for Foodservice

    The purpose with this type of product photography is to simplify the selling and ordering within Foodservice. We make a simple arrangement for products without its packaging. With the help of well-chosen lighting and careful placement of example raspberries in a bowl, we do our best to show each product in the best possible way.

    The photography for Foodservice include the following:

    • The product in its packaging, one market image for both web and marketing. We make a simple arrangement with the product in its packaging. With the help of well-chosen lighting and careful placement of for example raspberries in a bowl, we illustrate each product in the best possible way.
    • The product without its packaging, one web image. An image of the case or inner pack for recognition in webshops. The images has imited retouch and white background.

    Learn more with help of sample images in our photo manual for Foodservice. 

    Product photography for Norway

    Product photography for the Norwegian market is different to our regular product photography for Sweden. We follow the Norwegian photo technical requirements and specifications for different angles. 

    The number of images depend on the product and packaging:

    • A two-sided consumer unit (a bag, maximum 2,5 cm depth) – One market image, one planogram image
    • A multi-sided consumer unit – Four market images, two planogram images
    • A cylindrical consumer unit – Two market images, two planogram images
    • An outer packaging, non-consumer unit – Three planogram images

    The images are delivered in jpg format with a white background. The longest side of a market image is at least 3500 pixels in Norway, and 2400 pixels in Sweden. The longest side of a planogram image is 1800 pixels in Norway and 500 pixels in Sweden. Retouching and quality assurance of the images are included, as well as delivery of the images. Clipping path is included for market images. Note that removal of best-before-dates is an additional service.

    Learn more with help of sample images in our photo manual for Norway.


    - We enjoy all kinds of customized tasks in photography and retouching. Send your request to us.

    Do you not get your samples read in time for photographing?

    Learn more about our production of 3D / CGI.

  • It works like this

    For regular product photography and product photography for Foodservice, the process is as follows:

    1. Ensure that the trade item information is in Validoo Item, and that it is up-to-date.
    2. Select a sample that is in good condition for photographing.
    3. Place an order for photography in MyValidoo.
    4. Send your sample and delivery note to Validoos studio.
    5. Wait for a message to your email when the images are ready.
    6. Approve the images for publication in Validoo MediaStore.

     Do not forget to contact us before you send large volumes of refrigerated or frozen products the studio. Remember to not to send perishable food products to us just before the weekend.

    For product photography for Norway: Send your inquiry to We will get back to you with an estimated production time as well as fee based on your wishes and your product's packaging. It also needs to be decided how to deliver the images, since then they can not be uploaded in MediaStore. It is unfortunately an image bank adapted to the Swedish requirements.

  • Photo manuals

    When we perform a product photography we always have predefined photography angles for each package type. In the manuals below you find sample images showing how we photograph various products and packaging types.

  • How to photograph different products and packaging types within Foodservice
    Mandatory product images

    The design of these images is a request from the recipients. We guarantee that they comply with the GS1 standards and meet the expectations.

    Product images out of its packaging

    These images are the best way to show the product's appearance. The product that is used in the cooking. With the help of well-chosen lighting and careful placement of for example raspberries in a bowl, we do the best we can to illustrate each product in the best way.

    Area of use: A product image promotion, which also can be used in various web context. Retouching and clipping path included. Primarily, all products are photographed with  white background. The products are photographed in the state that they are sold in.

    • If the product has a clear and uniform shape, such as a pie, we photograph one product.
    • If the product varies in shape and size, such as fish fillets, we photograph at two to three products.
    • Spices and powders, such as peppercorns and ground cinnamon, are photographed directly on the table without any support elements.
    • Fruit, vegetables and rice is photographed in a bowl or small plate of white porcelain without decoration and structure.

    See our photography manuals with image examples and further information.

    Product images in its packaging

    When shooting for the food service, it is important to photograph the clearest packaging for the product. The purpose of the picture is that the product should be easily identified in the sales and ordering. It could be a brown carton if it has a clear label or the inner pack if it has a clear design.

    Area of use: A product image for the web (web image), with white background, for recognition. Since the purpose is webshops, the image has less retouching than a market image.

    Images on request

    There are endless opportunities to create images for inspiration and special purposes. We are open for customized image production based on your preferences. Send your request to

  • Choose a sample

    Choose a sample which is in good condition and without date stamps. This gives the best images at the lowest cost.

    Tips for a successful photography:

    • Place heavy samples at the bottom of the package to avoid that fragile samples get crushed.
    • Pack thoroughly around and between samples so that they do not get scraped or worn during transport.
    • Please send two samples. Then we have an extra sample if the other is damaged during transport.

    Refrigerated and frozen products

    When taking pictures of chilled and frozen goods in large volumes must be pre-notified, especially photography for the Foodservice and the Norwegian market.

    Perishable food

    Perishable food products have to be photographed as soon as possible, for example, "ready meals" or a cake. Remember to send them to us in the morning, and never on a Friday afternoon. The products might be bad during the weekend. We give priority to these products when we photograph.


    Send empty packages to us if you want to photograph your pharmaceutical packages.

    Damaged samples

    If the sample is damaged on arrival we can edit the images for an extra charge. In the same way we can retouch date stamps. If the sample is badly damaged it can be worthwhile sending a new one. Frequently occurring types of damage include:

    • Scraped or scratched sample
    • Rusty sample
    • Crumpled sample
    • Stale content
    • Chipped corners on the package
    • Skewed or incorrectly placed labels.
  • Send samples
    • Check that the sample is labelled with the same GTIN as specified in the packing slip. The GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) is the digits under the barcode on the sample. Send the packing slip together with the sample.
    • Send the sample so that it is delivered to the door of Validoo, for example as a business parcel or by courier. We are not able to pick up packages from a distribution point.
    • Send a return label with the sample if you want Validoo to return it after photographing. A return label is a prepaid shipment using PostNord's business parcel service or some other transport or courier service.
    • A tip is to send empty bags or packages that are not transparent to the studio. We fill them in place before photographing it.
    • Please send some extra labels, in order to ensure a successful outcome.
  • When the images are ready

    Regular product photography and photography for Foodservice takes five to ten working days, after we have received both trade item information and samples. The images will not be published and available for the receivers until you have approved them. If you are in a hurry, you can order Photography Express. Then the images will be ready within 48 hours during business days.

    The estimated production time for product photography for Norway is given on request.

  • ECR-Time Window

    Within the Swedish grocery industry, the ECR-Time Window recommendation is used for launches of products. According to this recommendation, your recipient need seven weeks to prepare for the launch. Remember that if the quality assurance is not approved, you will need more time to correct the trade item information and repeat the procedure. It is always your responsibility as a supplier to ensure that the trade item information is approved in time so that your recipient can prepare for the launch.