Editing of market images

When you upload images to Validoo MediaStore we check that they follow the quality assurance rules. If we find errors in the images we can in some cases edit them for you.

We can edit the following errors in market images, if everything else is approved:

  • The clipping path is not activated, correctly formatted or correctly named.
  • There are traces of dust or scratches.
  • The moiré pattern is too prominent.
  • Best-before dates are visible.
  • The image has alpha channels or layers.
  • The image has gridlines.
  • The image is not cropped as close to the object as possible. There can be a maximum 5% area from the object's outermost edges to the crop lines (image edges). Note that the object cannot be smaller than 1800 pixels for the image to be editable.
  • The file is not saved as RGB 8 bits per channel.

Depending on the appearance of the image we can also edit the following errors:

  • Colour and contrast are not realistic and balanced.
  • Retouching is not convincing at 200% magnification.
  • The picture is not taken with professional lighting.