18. Why do we have different fees, involving the annual service fee, in our invoice?

The reason why there are different fees is that the annual service fee is based on levels. You can reach different levels depending on the number of GTIN with images that you publish. This is the reason why there may be different charges for different GTIN with published images in an invoice (fee per GTIN).

The fee is based on the previous year's total amount of GTIN with published images in Validoo MediaStore. It is an advance payment based on previous year's accumulated amount of GTIN with published images. In addition to this you will also get a monthly invoice with the annual service fee if you do a quality assurance and publishes one or a larger amount of new GTIN with images. This invoice will reach you the month after the publishing. See question 17 for more information about the monthly invoices.

If you have published 125 GTIN with images in MediaStore the annual service fee will be: (75 * 295) + (50 * 180) = 31 125 SEK for 125 GTIN with published images.

Read more about our fees and the annual service fee in Fees & agreements.