Frequently asked questions

Validoo MediaStore

  • 1. How do I do to publish my images in Validoo MediaStore?

    If you want to upload your own images, you should first check that you have the intellectual property rights to them. It is also important to review your images for compliance with our quality assurance rules. Remember that before you can upload images or send samples for photographing you need to place orders for the products in our customer portal MyValidoo.

  • 2. I wonder if we need to resend our trade item information? Some of the products were submitted a long time ago, but have not changed.

    In Validoo MediaStore you will find all the trade item information that is automatically linked to your product images from Validoo Item. If the trade item information is more than one year old, you should take the opportunity to ensure that it is up-to-date and submit it again.

  • 3. We want to sign up for Validoo MediaStore. Do we also need to sign up for Validoo Item?

    Yes, in order to use Validoo MediaStore you first need to be a customer of Validoo Item.

  • 4. How do I place orders for photography and/or uploading?

    Log in to MyValidoo where you can place your orders. The order goes directly to Validoo MediaStore.

  • 5. Are there any instructions on how I place orders?

    Yes, log in to MyValidoo and you will find a user manual.

  • 6. Where and how do I submit products for photographing?

    Place an order for photography in MyValidoo and print a packing slip that shows the address where to send your samples. Remember to pack the products well so they are in good photographic condition when they arrive.

    You can read more here about photography and shipping address.

  • 7. Should I submit production samples or prototypes for photographing?

    You can decide it yourself. What will be best looking in your photography based on the packaging? If your product is for example a yoghurt in a tetra pack, it is usually better to photograph a prototype.

  • 8. What should I consider when sending the products for photographing?

    Choose products that are in good photographic condition and without date stamps. Consider that for some packaging it is best to photograph production samples, while in other cases prototypes are preferable. Place heavy products at the bottom, in order to not let delicate packaging get compressed. Wrap well around and between products to avoid scratches during transport.

  • 9. Are images from all directions (front, perspective, side and top) included or do they cost extra?

    The standard set is one market image (perspective) and one to three planogram images (number of angles depend on the type of packaging). You can always order extra images. Read more about our fees.

  • 10. How does it work to upload images?

    Step one is to place an order in MyValidoo. The order pass on to Validoo MediaStore, where you upload the image from the order or start a bulk upload and link images to the order after the upload. Read more in the user manual that you find when you are logged into the service.

  • 11. We have some images that need to get clipping paths, as well as to remove best-before-dates. Can you help us with this?

    Yes, we can help you with image editing. Read more it in our fees and agreements.

  • 12. Where can I find quality assurance rules for Validoo MediaStore?

    You can read more about the quality assurance rules here.

  • 13. What does it mean that Validoo owns and holds all intellectual property rights to the images that Validoo has taken on behalf of client for use in Validoo MediaStore?

    Images that are photographed by Validoo on behalf of a client are owned by Validoo. This means that Validoo is entitled to use the images within Validoo MediaStore. It is always the customer that determines whether an image should get published or not, and the customer can always use images in other ways and in other channels than in Validoo MediaStore. If you decide to terminate your agreement with Validoo MediaStore, you can dispose of your images as you wish.

  • 14. What does it cost to use Validoo MediaStore?
  • 15. I already have an agreement with another service. Can I still sign up with Validoo MediaStore?

    There is nothing in the agreement with Validoo MediaStore that prevents you from having agreements with several image service providers.

  • 16. Is it possible for buyers to download images from MediaStore?

    Yes, if they are recipient customers in Validoo MediaStore.

  • 17. Why do I get an invoice in September for the annual service fee?

    Usually you pay the annual service fee at the beginning of each calendar year, for each GTIN with published images. It is an advance payment based on previous year's accumulated amount of GTIN with published images.

    In addition to this you also get an invoice with an annual service fee when you do a quality assurance and publish one or a larger amount of new GTIN with images. This invoice will reach you the month after publishing the new images. You only pay the annual service fee for the remaining months of the year. If you publish a new GTIN with images in August, for example, you will be given a 58 % discount of the annual service fee.

    Read more about our fees and the annual service fee in Fees & Agreements.


  • 18. Why do we have different fees, involving the annual service fee, in our invoice?

    The reason why there are different fees is that the annual service fee is based on levels. You can reach different levels depending on the number of GTIN with images that you publish. This is the reason why there may be different charges for different GTIN with published images in an invoice (fee per GTIN).

    The fee is based on the previous year's total amount of GTIN with published images in Validoo MediaStore. It is an advance payment based on previous year's accumulated amount of GTIN with published images. In addition to this you will also get a monthly invoice with the annual service fee if you do a quality assurance and publishes one or a larger amount of new GTIN with images. This invoice will reach you the month after the publishing. See question 17 for more information about the monthly invoices.

    If you have published 125 GTIN with images in MediaStore the annual service fee will be: (75 * 295) + (50 * 180) = 31 125 SEK for 125 GTIN with published images.

    Read more about our fees and the annual service fee in Fees & agreements.

  • 19. I have received an invoice related to Validoo MediaStore, how do I read my invoice?

    The annual service fee, additional fee and variable fee (photography and quality assurance) related to the Validoo MediaStore service. Read more about Validoo MediaStore prices and terms of agreement.