Register, test and verify

Register your system

A prerequisite for being able to send files to the test environment is that your system is registered by Validoo. The system must be added to Validoo Item as a sending system. You find the contact details here.

Start testing your system

When the system is developed and the secure communication is in place you can start testing your system. You can do it by sending trade item information to our test recipient Validoo PreProd Test Recipient with GLN 7300027777774. You will automatically receive a validation report showing if the trade item information was correct or what errors were found. To achieve a high level of usability we recommend that you prevent the possibility of making these errors. Read the specifications here.

Start the verification process

When you consider the system ready, and all errors have been fixed, it is time to have the system verified.

Send files for verification (see the verification cases below) to the recipient Validoo PreProd Verification Recipient with GLN 7300027777781. Validoo chooses what verification cases that applies to you.

The verification cases:

  • CPG – for example a packet of breakfast cereal
    1. 3 level item
    2. Ingredients
    3. Allergens
    4. Nutritional information
  • 6-pack with two consumer units – for example canned soft drink
    1. Ingredients
    2. Allergens
    3. Nutritional information
    4. Deposits
    5. 4 levels
  • Frozen – for example frozen peas
    1. Ingredients
    2. Allergens
    3. Nutritional information
    4. Temperatures
    5. Recycling charge not paid (see guideline)
    6. End-of-life processing (see guideline)
    7. Brand owner
    8. Manufacturer
  • Dangerous goods – for example lighter fluid (see guideline)
    1. Dangerous goods (ADR)
    2. Chemical-technical – safety regulations
    3. CLP
    4. Safety data sheet
  • Fresh food – for example minced meat
    1. Variable measure number
    2. SRS crate (deposit)
    3. Ingredients
    4. Allergens
    5. Nutritional information
  • Display pallet – for example crisps, different varieties (see guideline)
    1. Handle mix/display
    2. Verify that we have understood everything
    3. Handling pallet information
  • Withdrawal of item hierarchy
    1. Send a message to permanently withdraw a previously sent item hierarchy.
    2. Send a message to withdraw a previously sent item hierarchy with the intention of subsequently updating the item hierarchy.

Read the specifications here.