Description of service Validoo DataEntry

This service description describes the regulations and standards that Validoo DataEntry is based on. You can read what is required to become a customer of the service, and how the service is used.

 Prerequisites for using Validoo DataEntry

  1. You identify your company with a GLN and your items with GTINs. You can get GLNs (Global Location Number) and GTINs (Global Trade Item Number) using a GS1 Company Prefix that your company subscribes to from GS1 Sweden or another GS1 organization.
  2. Your company must sign an agreement for Validoo Item.
  3. Your company must sign an agreement for Validoo DataEntry.
  4. Your company must comply with the terms and conditions and pay the fees in accordance with applicable agreements for Validoo Item.

How Validoo Item works

  1. Validoo DataEntry is a system for entering trade item information which is forwarded to recipients who subscribe to information from Validoo.
  2. Validoo DataEntry can also be used to view and edit previously entered trade item information, or to correct mistakes that have been notified when the information is validated in Validoo Item.
  3. In Validoo DataEntry the user chooses the recipients that should have access to the information.
  4. Trade item information can be downloaded in several formats, for example pdf, HTML and XML.
  5. If trade item information should be entered for many similar items, Validoo DataEntry has the functionality for creating templates to save time.
  6. When entering or editing trade item information it is possible to save it, before it is final.

What awaits you as a Validoo Item customer

A user in Validoo DataEntry can do the following:

  • Enter new trade item information
  • Update, correct and edit existing trade item information
  • Create templates
  • Be notified about incompletely entered information and other errors with regards to international and Swedish validation rules, in addition to any recipient-specific validation rules that may apply
  • Send trade item information to retailers in other countries that are connected to other data pools within GDSN (a global network for the synchronization of trade item information)


    1. Validoo DataEntry follows the GS1 standards for Trade Item Information developed by GDSN.

    2. New or changed functionality in Validoo DataEntry is developed and launched upon demand. The changes are planned and prioritized based on complexity, demand and customer value, and there are no fixed launch dates.

    3. Validoo DataEntry is normally in service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, the service is not monitored at certain times and interruptions can occur at these times. Interruptions can also occur at other times due to planned shutdowns for maintenance and similar measures such as restricted, unplanned shutdowns.

    4. You have access to support Monday through Friday during office hours.