Verification of self-developed systems

It is possible to develop your own system for sending trade item information, but this system must also be verified by GS1 Sweden. Consider that it may take more time to verify a self-developed system than it would to choose a system that has already been verified.

Prepare for verification

Preparing for verification of your system:

  1. Develop and test the system on your own to ensure that it works flawlessly.
  2. Contact GS1 Sweden’s support to register the system as a user system in Validoo Item. An agreement must be approved before tests can begin.
  3. Receive an e-mail message containing Validoo Item’s test purchaser’s GLN.
  4. Send up to 500 test files to Validoo Item’s test purchasers.

Start verification

To start a verification of your system:

  1. Create the variants of verification files specified below and send them to Validoo Item. Contact GS1 Sweden’s support to get GLNs for Validoo Item’s verification purchasers.
  2. The files are validated and Validoo Item sends back validation reports indicating if the files have been accepted or rejected.
  3. Send (with email) the approved verification files with related validation reports from Validoo Item to Once the files have been reviewed, we will contact you with information on the results of the review.
  4. Contact our support to have the system’s user interface approved once the files have been approved.
  5. When the system has been approved as a verified system, your contact information will be published on our website.

Variants of verification files

Create the variants of verification files specified below and send them to Validoo Item:

- Variants of different trade item hierarchies:

  • simple trade item hierarchy with three trade item levels
  • trade item hierarchy with more than three levels, e.g. 6-pack beverages in four trade item levels
  • expo unit
  • hierarchy with mixed product range

- Trade item information, including packaging materials (do not specify if the packaging recycling fee has been paid, if it is a returnable container or if the product is unpackaged).

- Discontinued products.

- Trade layer height that differs from next lower level product height.

- Nesting increment that differs from product height.

- Information on hazardous goods.

- Simple trade item hierarchy with three levels, where as many terms as possible are filled in with valid values. 

Verification fees and annual fees

A verification fee of 3000 SEK is charged for verifying systems. For commercial systems, an annual fee of 1000 SEK is also applied.

Suppliers of verified commercial systems receive:

  • The right to send trade item information to Validoo Item
  • Publication on GS1 Sweden’s list of verified system suppliers
  • Targeted information to system supplier
  • Information meetings
  • Some advisory services