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In order to let Validoo send your product information to your buyer, you need a system to enter your information.

Choose a verified system that is updated according to current GS1 standards. See the list of verified systems below, and how they describe their offer to you.

There are several of different systems to choose from when entering trade item information. Read the following paragraphs in order to choose a system that suits your needs and is adapted or has support for your product range:

  • Independent online system: If you have a few products and your product information does not need to be stored in your ERP system, an independent online system can be a cost-efficient alternative. There are several of systems that are verified and updated according to the current GS1 standards. An online system means that the trade item information must be entered manually in the system, but there are no costs for integration with an ERP system. If you have more than 50 products, you should consider an integrated system
  • Integrated system: You are recommended to choose an integrated system if you have a large product range and a product information that can be obtained from your ERP system. In many cases, not all necessary information is provided in other systems. The advantage of an integrated system is that you avoid a manual entry of information that already exists in your ERP system.

There are different alternatives of integrated system you want. Choose between:

  • A part of the ERP system: If the ERP system has a built-in or integrated function for entering trade item information that complies with GS1 standards
  • A complement to the ERP system: If the ERP system does not have an integrated function for entering trade item information that complies with GS1 standards. For some ERP systems there are both internal and external tailor-made modules. Ask your ERP system provider for further information. One option in the integrated systems can be a so-called PIM solution / PIM system (Product Information Management).

Read how the verified systems describe their offer to you. Choose the system that suits you:

  • Alite International

    Please be patient, a text about the system will be published shortly.

  • ARGUS VCD, Nordman

    Argus VCD is always updated according to the latest standard. The system is currently used by many suppliers to the FMCG industry, pharmacies and Systembolaget.

     Argus VCD is a user friendly, logical and easy to use interface in both English and Swedish.

     The program validates the trade item information before it is sent to minimize the risk of errors. There are also importing features as Excel and XML.

     Argus VCD is an affordable solution, fixed monthly cost and free support with no annual fee or variable costs. 

  • DABAS, Delfi MarknadsPartner

    In Dabas, you can manage and publish your trade item information in one single place and reach out to the entire industry and your customers. With simple and user-friendly features you can handle trade item information, product images, quality assure and send trade item information. Dabas is a web-based cloud computer service that can integrate with ERP systems on the market. With 25 years of experience Dabas offer quality, cost-effectiveness and transparency.

  • EDI Solutions Artikelinformation

    EDI Solution’s newly developed trade item information service is user-friendly and affordable. The system is web-based with the possibility of integration into your existing business.

    • Supports demands from the FMCG industry, pharmacies and Systembolaget
    • Fixed monthly fee with unlimited number of users
    • Free training and support
    • Supports the GS1 latest version
    • Validation of data
    • Import of existing trade item information
    • Export of trade item information
    • Supports English and Swedish
  • Exder EPC, Lexmark Expert Systems

    Exder is the cloud computer service for you who want to create and send trade item information to your customers.

    • Direct control to Validoo’s regulations
    • Free support and training by phone
    • Import of trade item information
    • Export of trade item information (e.g. to PDF)
    • Automatic system updates
    • Languages: Swedish, English, Norwegian, Danish

     Do more

    • Integrate your ERP system
    • Exder EDI receive orders, send order response, delivery notification and invoices
    • Common trade item directory for trade item information and EDI

     Note! Largest within the FMCG industry and with support for Systembolaget.

  • Foptec AB

    Please be patient, a text about the system will be published shortly.

  • Prevas GCM, Prevas AB

    User-friendly online service for registration, maintenance and sending of trade item information for small and large businesses.

    Prevas GCM provides the ability to send trade item information to all recipients that are connected to Validoo Item including Systembolaget.

    Swedish and English user interface.

    Additional services available in Prevas GCM is to send to Dabas, from several GLN, to Denmark.

    Prevas can also provide integration solutions to own systems, customized reports and other consultant services.

  • Validoo DataEntry

    Now you can enter, edit and send your trade item information directly in Validoo!

     In Validoo DataEntry you get:

    • Step-by-step guidance with the help of interactive tip balloons that make your entry of information easier, faster and more correct from the start
    • The ability to send trade item information to both Swedish and Danish recipients
    • Instant validation of your trade item information
    • The latest version of GS1 standards for Trade Item Information, for all product types
    • Two languages, Swedish and English.

    Download Product Sheet

  • WH Group - Visma Business

    WH Group has since the early 2000s developed a system- and service solution for wine and spirits suppliers in the Nordics, based on the business system Visma Business.

    Our ambition is to be at the forefront of technology and offer our customers the most user friendly and cost efficient industry solution on the market. This means that you as a customer can manage trade item information according to GS1 standards for alcohol beverages directly in your business management system as well as send product information to Systembolaget and other buyers following the same standard, via Validoo.