As a supplier

- you want to send correct product information and images to your recipients both quickly and easily, national as well as international.

By collecting information in Validoos workflow this process goes as smooth as possible. We ensure that all information and images are correct from the start, saving time and money for you as a supplier.

  • Quick and correct digital product information
  • One channel for all markets
  • Image and product information in one flow
  • Correct information from the start

Digital product information and image handling

Send digital product information

When you want to send digital product information, Validoo Item is the service for you. We check that the product information is correct and of high quality. After the product information has been checked, we store and distribute the information to the right recipient.

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Manual quality assurance of product information

When you want to ensure that your product information is correct, Validoo Q-lab is the service for you. Send your sample to us and we will quality assure that the digital information is consistent with the physical product.

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Image production

When you want high quality product images, Validoo MediaStore is the service for you. We photograph, edit, store and distribute your images so that they can easily be used by you and your recipients.

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