Receive images and information

Welcome to take part of our product database and image bank! With help of Validoo you get the correct image to the correct product information, in one flow.

A product sheet, also shown as an image below, is a good example of the value of images of good quality in combination with correct product information.

In Validoo MediaStore for recipents you can download or subscribe to product images and/or trade item information according to GS1 standards for Trade Item Information. Today we have more than 50,000 GTINs with images and information in our product database, and more than 100,000 product images. If you are in need of information without images it is possible to get access to further 150,000 GTINs. In order to combine trade item information and images we are using the product's GTIN.

We guarantee that the information and images follow GS1 standards.

Get started with Validoo MediaStore:

  1. Sign up for the service (get in contact with us!)
  2. Define your needs of information and images
  3. Subscribe to a specific GTIN or GLN, which means that you can subscribe to a supplier's entire product range or at product level
  4. Get images and/or the associated trade item information with a push feed. The data transfer is done safely using the AS2 communication protocol. It is also possible to use our user interface for a manual download.

Other information:

  • We recommend that you read the guideline for Trade Item Information. Click on the link and also read other important technical specifications for the Trade Item Information at GS1's website.
  • See the current list of suppliers that you can subscribe to here. In addition to the Swedish suppliers it is also possible to receive trade item information from foreign suppliers (connected to other data pools in the GDSN).
  • Please contact us for more information. Send an e-mail to:, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!