About GS1

GS1 is a global standardisation organisation. We work not-for-profit and any surplus is reinvested in the organisation for the benefit of our customers.

Changing and improving the possibility for companies and sectors to develop their businesses and operations has been GS1 Sweden's driving force for over 35 years.

The GS1 System allows products, services and locations worldwide to be identified and tracked. Data can be collected and shared automatically, securely and correctly within and between partners' IT systems.

GS1 offers a neutral arena for cooperation. GS1 standards and solutions contribute to creating business value such as traceability, product and patient safety as well as efficiency throughout the value chain from producer to end customer.

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Working methods and user groups

GS1 Sweden is an independent legal entity but our working methods have the same foundations as our 110 sister organisations across the world. GS1 operates not-for-profit and our standards and solutions are global, open to all and user-driven.

GS1 Sweden Concept Centre

A visit to our Concept Centre improves the basis for understanding and discussing how the GS1 System can create business value for your company. An experienced member of GS1's staff always guides the visit which we tailor to the specific challenges facing your company.

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